The Honey Van

We took a trip to Avignon yesterday looking for furniture. Since a new couch wouldn’t fit in the Renault, we were lucky enough to borrow the Honey van. The Honey Van’s normal day job is transporting the Honey Family’s lavender honey. But yesterday, the honey was cleared out to make way for our new couch and flatpack furniture.

The way to Avignon is through small, windy roads that the boyfriend likes to treat as his own personal rally track. Flying top speed down the road in the old honey van, with the sweet sticky honey smell stuck to the seats, is not the most pleasant way to travel but the countryside views and the handle on the ceiling that I held on to helped a bit. The only thing that would slow us down was the occasional Sarkozy Box (a grey box with speed camera inside).
We made it to the first shop and had the couch, two dressers, and a nightstand picked out and purchased within 25 minutes. So far so good. On to the second, but first we had to find it.
Even Frenchmen don’t ask for directions. It’s nice to know that that’s a gender trait and not ethnically specific.

We spent over an hour looking for one shop. I suggested that we wait and go to our local outlet of the same shop later that afternoon after we got home but the boyfriend didn’t want to take the 20 minutes to drive there. Instead, he would rather circle Avignon for over an hour looking for either one of the three Avignon outlets. Just as he decided to give up, the shop appeared. It was like he discovered the lost city of gold. He was so pleased with himself that he almost didn’t mind when we saw that the shop was closed for lunch.

P.S. Mr. Honey – why was there a Cascada CD in the stereo?

One response to “The Honey Van”

  1. Cascada, I'm sure, made the entire experience all the better!!


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