Dinner in Avignon

We took the road back to Avignon, this time leaving the Honey Van in Le Petit Village.

The Cousin asked us to dinner to meet the latest lady. Off we drove with plans to meet about 9pm.
A little sidebar about Avignon: it’s an ancient city dating to Before Christ (told you it was old), settled on the left bank of the Rhone River. Avignon is most famous for the Palais de Papes (Pope’s Palace) and the large wall that was built to protect it in the 14th century. This was all by the way of telling you that if you are ever fortunate enough to travel to the beautiful Avignon, get used to those walls. You will be seeing a lot of them, inside and out, as you drive around and around looking for parking.
Within the walls every street spot will be taken, every parking garage full. Eventually you will give up, drive back outside the walls, and hopefully find a spot directly next to it, which we did.

It was now 10:30 which was fine because the Cousin phoned to say he would be late, this was not a surprise.
We began our long walk back within the walls into the old city. We looked for the restaurant up and down dark alleyways with my stilettos wobbling on the cobblestones. After a few phone calls confirming the location we made it to the delightful Restaurant Le Bain-Marie. It was 11pm when the Cousin and his latest lady arrived and more importantly, when I finally had a Kir Royale in my hand.
Dinner was delicious. The latest lady was sweet and best described as ‘Jordanesque’. And we were exhausted. We headed back outside the walls to the car just before 2am.
And if you find yourself at the parking spots directly outside the walls of Avignon late at night and you see a white van without windows, stay away. Apparently it’s where prostitutes ply their trade (unless of course you’re into that sort of thing – I don’t judge).
Oh, and the Boyfriend ran over a little bunny rabbit on the way home. He says it’s not his fault, must have been one suicidal bunny.

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