Pizza Night

I learned something new yesterday, Tuesday nights are pizza night in Le Petit Village.

I was ready to cook dinner when the Boyfriend came in and asked if I wanted pizza instead. “From where?” I asked. We walked around to the local church and right there in front of Le Petit Notre Dame, a small crowd was gathering around a pizza van.
Apparently no one in Le Petit Village cooks on Tuesdays. Merci Mr. Pizza Man. We ordered one white pizza with lardons (bacon), black olives, and chevre (goat’s cheese) and one tomato pizza with figatelli, a corsican sausage.
Delicious, yummy goodness. The French even do Italian food well.
And the best part, each pizza box comes with a voucher that can be used next time for a free bottle of cola or free bottle of wine.
Wine please.
I love this country.

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