He Makes Me Happy

It’s been 24 days since moving to Le Petit Village.

For the most part, I have been very happy.
At times ridiculously overwhelmed, emotional, confused, and homesick, but still happy.
While I’m trying to settle in, get my bearings, and struggling to learn French, my happiness can mostly be attributed to one thing, the sweet, supportive, loving Boyfriend.
In honor of him, and all the ways he continues to make me smile, I am dedicating today’s post to the Boyfriend, and my favorite five reasons I am loving him this week:

1. I walked into the living room and found him sitting in front of the television, with a bowl of frosted flakes watching the Smurfs.
2. When he could have been sleeping late on Sunday morning, he took me to the English bookstore in Banon and bought the new Dan Brown book for me.
3. He asked me to spot him while he was lifting weights (a ridiculously bad idea that went terribly wrong but I’m very flattered that he thinks I’m that strong).
4. Even though he got home from work late last night, he insisted on doing the dinner dishes, saying that I do too much, and sent me to the couch with a glass of wine. When I said thank you, he said. “It’s normal.”
5. He laughs when I do my Skippie dance

Je t’aime pour toujours bebe


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