My Humiliated Flowers

I am a failure.

My balcony flowers are on the verge of death.
Maybe it’s the season, or that they were left alone in the Boyfriend’s care for too long, or maybe it’s just me. Either way, compared to these green French woman and their indestructible beautiful balcony flowers, I am a failure.

Sitting in the kitchen, I saw two old women walk by my window. They stopped right outside and pointed at my sick flower bed. Even though I couldn’t hear them through the glass (and wouldn’t have been able to understand them if I had), I know they were mocking my flowers.
I would rather have no flowers than humiliated ones.
I think it might be time to put them out of their misery (the flowers, not the old women… but hmmm….).
I will try again in the spring. Maybe by then I will have grown a French green thumb and I’ll make sure my flowers kick those old ladies flowers all over the village.


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