My Martini Quest

I’m having some cocktail hour translation issues.

I would like a vodka martini, 007 style (yes, I know his was gin), as in shaken, not stirred, served in a chilled cocktail glass with an olive.
The problem is that every time I order a vodka martini I get something quite different to what I think I am asking for. In the South of France, a ‘martini’ seems to mean ‘Martini Rossi’, that apĂ©ritif that gorgeous George Clooney used to push, not ‘martini’ as in the cool sophisticated cocktail. And even though Martini Rossi Bianco is a vermouth and a martini calls for vermouth, it comes out all wrong.
Now I’m not saying that it’s terrible but a tumbler of half Martini Rossi and half vodka is some potent stuff and whenever I order it people stare at me with expressions of awe (maybe awe is not the correct description but they are definitely starting at me with expressions) and they do that gallic hand shake thing. The Boyfriend will simply say, “Elle est Irlandaise”, and people will nod understandingly at the obvious reason for my alcoholism. And then I drink it anyway (it wouldn’t be nice to waste it when there are thirsty people all over the world).

So as today is Friday and another cocktail hour is quickly approaching I am on a quest, a quest to order a vodka martini and instead of looking like a lush, looking like the smooth 007 sophisticate that lurks inside me somewhere (deep deep down somewhere).
P.S. anyone out there that can help with this is my new best friend, and I’m one cool sophisticated friend

One response to “My Martini Quest”

  1. i once ordered a vodka w/ diet coke on a trip to paris. they presented me with something that tasted a little like fresca in what looked like a “big gulp” plastic cup from 7 eleven… weird.


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