Some Serious Thoughts

I’m seriously thinking about decoupage. I like to think about doing things but I rarely do them. I’m more of a planner than a doer. Ok, so I did move to France and I am writing this blog, but decoupage? Could I be a decoupager? It is French. And Marie Antoinette dabbled in a little decoupage. Maybe if she had kept her nose in the decoupage, she could have kept her head. Just a thought.

I’m also seriously thinking about getting involved in local politics. Like being the Mayor of Le Petit Village. Can I do that? Would my EUness be enough or would I have to be fully French?
Must google later and find out.
I seriously think they need me. The current Mayor is a Communist representing the local Communist Party. Not that there is anything wrong with Communism. If that’s your bag then go right ahead, it’s a free village (isn’t it???). But all I’m saying is that although it’s a beautiful thought, it never really works out that way and all your left with is a tyrannical dictator, drab clothing, and a bowl of gruel.
And get this… the other political party in Le Petit Village is Fascism! I’m not making this stuff up! We’ve got the Communist Party and the Fascist Party! Who decides to be a Fascist in 2009? It’s like someone just woke up angry one morning, “Mommy, when I grow up, I want to be a Fascist… AND THEN EVERYONE WILL SUFFER!!! May I have my juice box now?”
In a village of 260 people, I think they need another option other than Mussolini or Marx. They need a softer, cuddlier option. That will be my campaign slogan… Vote for Sara Louise, the soft and cuddly candidate. I would guarantee carmel apples, fondue parties, story time, and outlaw drab clothing. We would have merry-go-rounds, and hayrides and eat chocolate brownies for breakfast. And all the shutters will be painted pink, because I said so. I promise that there will be benevolence in my dictatorship.
Hugs for everybody!
So to sum up; I’m seriously thinking about decoupage and I’m seriously thinking about becoming a dictator… oops, I mean getting involved in local politics.

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