You Like Me… You Really Really Like Me…

Saturday morning and I was already feeling pretty good after watching France trounce South Africa in Rugby (I’m sure I’ll feel even better when I watch Ireland trounce France – roll on 13th February!) and feeling a little annoyed because the Boyfriend decided to wake up early and was intent on crashing my alone time. Have I mentioned the Boyfriend is a talker? Then I turned on the laptop and discovered that I had been bestowed with the prestigious Superior Scribbler Award! High on myself I shouted at the Boyfriend;

“I won an award!”

“A what?”

“An award! I won an award!”

“A word?”

“No, an award, I won an award, for my blog”

“You won a word?”

Deciding that our lame Abbot & Costello act could go on forever, I grabbed the little dictionary, looked up ‘award’ and shoved it under the Boyfriend’s nose.

“Oh, for what?”


Sometimes there just isn’t enough coffee.

Merci beaucoup DreamFarmGirl,, whose writing and photos make me smile and whose comments give me encouragement 5300 miles away (Seriously. I’m like 5300 miles from Austin, I looked it up. That’s a long way to a Taco Cabana).

So there are seven rules upon which acceptance is contingent (I basically just copied and pasted that bit, hope that’s ok):

1. Thank whomever gave it to you. (See above – DreamFarmGirl who is totally my favorite person today)

2. Copy the award

3. Post it on your blog (Maybe some of this steps should be for winners eyes only? Just a suggestion Mr.Scribbler)

4. Tell your readers seven things they don’t know about you (Ha! my ‘readers’. I love that). Ok then, here goes:

1) I never sit still. Relaxing can pose a bit of a problem for me

2) Wine is my friend. Or as I like to call it, ‘Pain Go Bye Bye Juice’

3) I can be a tad obsessive compulsive and controlling (just a tad)

4) My Mother despises cats so I like to torture her by finding things with pictures of cats on them to give to her (birthday cards, postcards, Xmas wrapping paper…) and sometimes I would leave milk outside her back door for the neighborhood cat

5) I collect antique and vintage tea aprons and wear them while cooking

6) I’ve written a list everyday since I was 12. The list is always written in black roller ink and when a task is completed, it is crossed off with a pink hilighter. And I’m convinced if anyone ever looked at a diary of these lists, they would have me committed.

7) I continue to be thankful that I quit smoking three years ago. One less thing to worry about

5. Give the award to seven bloggers (you’re right DreamFarmGirl, maybe this is a chain letter)

A wonderful website full of tips and info about alternative medicine (you didn’t think I’d be into something so nerdy, did you?)

You have to adore a couple in love and their two dogs who chucked 9-5 life away and took off to travel and live on their sailboat

This girl is in college and makes the time to do some non-class required writing. I dig her proactivity and hope she keeps it up. Wish I did.

An American adjusting to life in London in a View from Notting Hill. She’s a cute fish out of water and I can totally relate

Loads of tasty french recipes from a French-American girl

A bad ass pic of nachos and threatening to beat you with a bag of oranges if you plagiarize her makes her one of my heroes

For Kelly and Lynn who are both braver than I could ever dream of being

6. Let the seven chosen bloggers know that they are now winners

7. Keep being awesome (I’ll try my best)

P.S. Want to see the French Rugby team in all it’s glory? Check out (trust me, you want to)

2 responses to “You Like Me… You Really Really Like Me…”

  1. Yeehaw! Good job! Thanks for passing it along!


  2. TACO CABANA!!You really are a Texas girl. Next time I eat there, I will do so in your honor.


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