Getting My Do Done

Tomorrow I’m doing something very scary… I’m getting my hair done. In France. I’m trying to stay positive but this could end up being a disaster.

The Boyfriend is sending his friend, M, with me. Great, sure, I guess everything will be ok then. Oh, wait, M doesn’t really speak English. Sure she’s handy with her Iphone translator, but come on, we’re talking about my hair, my crowning glory, my Raphael-esque ringlets, in the hands of M and her Iphone translator. It’s bad enough I can no longer let my witty charm speak for me in Le Petit Village since I’m practically mute, I don’t want to look like a frizzy haired freak as well.

“Oh look, it’s that non-French speaking frizzy haired freak going to buy her baguette.” But all of that would be in French of course.
Since I don’t want to be Le Petite Village’s mute frizzy haired freak, I’ve done what I always do, I’ve prepared. I’ve made flashcards of the words that I’m hoping will help me, unless the website I got the words from is just a cruel practical joke (yes, I can be a little paranoid sometimes).
Tomorrow I’m going in with my flashcards, magazine photos, my friend M, and her Iphone translator. What could possibly go wrong? Wish me luck.

3 responses to “Getting My Do Done”

  1. Good luck!! I get nervous about my hair even in the US, so I can totally relate! The pics will be your best friend. Post an aftershot?


  2. Wait!! I just went through my past posts — what is this about a superior scribbler award?? (And has my heinous week-plus absence disqualified me? 😦 )


  3. Oh you are a brave one! But a girl scout, all prepared with your flashcards and iphoned interpreter friend. Good luck!! You must report back.


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