Weekend Wake Up Call

We have a new neighbor. Honey Jr has moved in across the street to an apartment on top of his grandmother’s house. The Boyfriend is very excited about this. I guess the half a mile journey to the Honey’s house was just too great a distance for him and Honey Jr to endure.

A typical weekend morning now goes something like this. The Boyfriend will go around the house opening all the shutters, saving what is now his favorite for last, the bedroom shutters that face Honey Jr’s kitchen shutters. As soon as he has them open the shouting begins. The Boyfriend has decided that since Honey Jr is across the street, it is his job to be Honey Jr’s weekend wake up call.
The Boyfriend will stick his head out the window and yell and shout until Honey Jr wakes ups, walks to his kitchen and shouts back, “oui“. This is not always a quick process.
The two will then proceed in conversation, leaning out the windows, shouting back and forth, about god only knows what. I’m sure it’s very important, far to important to have inside, together, like normal people. They are clearly enjoying their new form of communication. Think of all the money that they’ll save on phone bills, what with them being so far apart before.
After a few minutes of listening to them, I will stick my head out the kitchen window downstairs, throw a quick smile to Honey Jr, and then turn my head to look up at the Boyfriend,
“You do realize that is is 7:30 and people are sleeping?”
“No. No one is sleeping.”
“Well no, not now.”

One response to “Weekend Wake Up Call”

  1. The photo coupled with the imagery now in my head of this shutter-opening and window-shouting is just so damn quaint! What a great place to live…as long as you're an early riser. I totally see why you moved to le petit village!


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