Le Petit Field Trip

As I’ve written before, Le Petit Village gets an abundance of tourists. They are a fact of life that I’m adjusting to (another one). Just trickles here and their during these autumn months but in the summer, they swarm the little streets, and make you feel like an insect in a jar. They peer, point and photograph, and take up all the tables at our one and only bistro when you just want to sit and have a bowl of pistachio ice cream in peace.
Then the other morning, after I had gotten used to the quiet and only an occasional noise from a tourist trickle, I heard the swarms again. I ran to the window to have a look. Children. Lots and lots of children with just an adult here and there. I found this odd, why would children want to come to Le Petit Village? Since when do they have any interest in medieval architecture? Unless there is some sort of High School Musical monument around here that I’m not aware of. And then it dawned on me, field trip! My god, FIELD TRIP! I used to love field trips; permission slips, juice boxes, long bus rides, chaperones, planetariums, and museums. What’s not to love? Nothing more fun than a field trip. Reminiscing about happy childhood memories, I stared at the children for awhile and even contemplated throwing on my coat and joining them, but then decided, that would be weird.
But why a field trip to Le Petit Village? Yes, it’s quaint, and beautiful, but does my new home warrant a permission slip and day off from school? I decided a little investigating into the field trip worthiness of Le Petit Village was in order. Especially since I have a lot of time on my hands these days.
And this is also an excuse for me to write a list, because I love lists. LOVE THEM! So what follows, in no particular order, is a list of reasons a class (or tourist) would have to visit Le Petit Village:

1. Roman church which I like to call, Le Petit Notre Dame ( I also know it as the place where the pizza van parks in front of on Tuesday nights)
2. Roman statue of a Gaul warrior that was made somewhere between 31BC and 14AD was found here (The statue isn’t even here anymore, they sent it to a museum in Avignon)
3. Preserved medieval village (I really need to look for that High School Musical monument in there)
That’s it. That’s my crummy list. I did a bunch of google searches and that’s all I got. Seriously. I even went up to google page 16 and whoever does that? Funny thing though, I did come across a blog during my search that was written by a woman from California who visited Le Petit Village in September. And on the blog was a picture of the Boyfriend’s brother’s dog! And she talked about meeting the Boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend’s little sister! And the reason I know that it was the Boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend’s little sister is because she has an unusual name. It’s a teeny tiny little world we inhabit, and when you live in Le Petit Village, it’s even teenier.
P.S. Sorry my list is so crummy, it was a big let down for me as well. You’ll just have to make do with some photos. They may explain the swarms.

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