The Cherry On Top Of My Lazy Sundae

Yesterday Le Petit Village woke up to a gloomy and wet morning. Rain and gloominess is such a rarity here that I decided to celebrate it with a little holiday.
An ‘I’m going to sit on the couch and do nothing’ kind of holiday.
Couldn’t go anywhere anyway, I left all my umbrellas in Dublin (in Dublin you do have more than one). I don’t carry an umbrella around in my purse anymore. Don’t usually have to.
The sky was grey and there wasn’t any hint of sun coming through the windows. Lights should have been on but they were left off so I could pretend that it was night time to help encourage the laziness. When it’s dark and grey like that, you lose that get up and go, spring cleaning kind of vibe. Yesterday was void of all get up and go-ness.
My French lesson went incomplete. The last unpainted wall in the living room remained unpainted. And the laundry stayed dirty. My daily to do list was untouched by the pink highlighter. Shocking, I know.
The couch became my own personal island and I didn’t leave it much. It was cold and I didn’t like how my feet felt in that moment between leaving the warm blanket and getting inside the supershoes (my slippers). Everything I needed was within reach… phones, laptop, magazines, drink.
I drank endless cups of tea and spent some time wishing I had a tea pot and proper Irish tea, Barry’s tea, not Lipton yellow tea. Can’t find Barry’s tea here. But surprisingly at my last trip to the grocery store I did find Pepperidge Farm cookies and Skippy peanut butter. Already finished the whole jar. This worried the Boyfriend quite a bit. Whole jar gone. Just me and a spoon. But in fairness, it was a small jar.
Thought about how I wish I had some hot chocolate. Briefly considered making the 20 second walk to the épicerie but decided I didn’t want it enough. But made sure to put hot chocolate on the shopping list.
Watched Pretty In Pink and thought how lucky Duckie was to have grown up to be that guy on Two and a Half Men. I also marvelled at the horrideousness of the prom dress that I used to love when I was a little girl. And yes, the word is horrideous, a horrible hideous hybrid reserved for truly special occasions.
Sidebar on the origin of ‘horrideous’ – it was made up while looking at a cover of the Irish Sunday Times magazine with my cousin Bibbie. The prominent solicitor in his shiny pin striped suit, sunglasses, and cigar hanging from his mouth, was so repulsive that he caused a reaction within me so profound that I made up a new word because it was the only word that could properly describe it – horrideous. I should probably get that copyrighted.
Spent some time listening to the rain hit the roof. It sounds like a bubbling kettle before it whistles. Strange. Shouldn’t it just sound like rain hitting a roof?
Went through the last of my English Magazines. A Cosmo, Elle, and Marie Claire. Going to have to get some more of those. A trip to Aix or Avignon required. That burst my bubble a bit.
Went through all the grocery store flyers that had been stuck in the postbox (Thursdays are grocery store flyer day in Le Petit Village). They were wet with the rain so I had to let them dry first before going through them circling specials I liked with my trusty black Sharpie. It’s amazing how much cheaper things are here than in Dublin. No kidding, a twelve pack of Heineken is half the price. Seriously, half the price. Guess that means I can drink twice as much. Oh, and beef heart is on special for €2.50 a kg, if you are so inclined. I’m not.
I watched some of the third series of Friends and developed hair envy. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.
I searched the internet for an idea on what to cook for dinner. Decided on curried shrimp with coconut rice. Never ended up cooking it. Too lazy. At least now I know what I’m cooking tonight so that was productive.
And just when I began to feel the a tiny hint of boredom and guilt about my laziness creeping in, something truly magical happened. The postman blessed my couch bound holiday by delivering a package of People magazines (thank you to my dear friend, the Nobgoblin). So I thumbed through those for awhile and got my daily dose of Vitamins U S and A.

Pretty much the cherry on top of my lazy sundae.
That was my day yesterday. And it was awesome.
So do you ever have an ‘I’m going to sit on the couch and do nothing’ kind of holiday?
21 days until Xmas…
And while this was all about my awesome day, Buddy the Elf’s awesome day would be…

“We’ll make snow angels for two hours, then we’ll go ice skating, then we’ll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookiedough as fast as we can, and then we’ll snuggle.”


One response to “The Cherry On Top Of My Lazy Sundae”

  1. MMmmmm sounds pretty darn perfect. I want an awesome day like that. soon.


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