It's All About Fifty

My life in Le Petit Village has stalled.

The only thing that is happening right now is Fifty.
It’s all about Fifty.

Because I’m bound determined to turn that puppy into a good dog, I’ve become obsessed with puppy training.
Puppy training requires a schedule. And that schedule has been written out and taped to the fridge.
The Boyfriend thinks I’ve gone a bit batty. And maybe I have. But call me crazy, that schedule is working.
Sure I may be exhausted and frost bitten from our eight a day walks, and in desperate need of a more than thirty second shower, but it’s worth it.
Not to brag, but only one No.2 inside since we got him.
Told you I’m a little obsessed.
If he wouldn’t eat them, I’d be decorating him with little gold stars. But I am thinking about putting up chart on the fridge, next to his schedule for that.
The trick is to tire him out. Throw a little jogging in the mix with the walk and his three month old self gets tuckered out real quick. And as soon as we get home, he’s asleep in his basket.
That’s the only reason I can write this now. He’s sleeping. I wish I was sleeping.
Sleeping. Walking. Sleeping. Walking. That’s his day, usually.
Not today. Today Fifty has a play date with the Boyfriend’s Brother’s jack russell, Leah.
And judging by Fifty’s completely inappropriate actions the first time they met, I think Leah might be his girlfriend. And that’s fantastic because I have 90 minutes of alone time today. A whole 90 minutes to myself!
What ever will I do?
Clean the kitchen, shave the legs, and make that gold star chart.
Isn’t life exciting?

One response to “It's All About Fifty”

  1. Oh, but Fifty is so adorable no wonder you are devoted to his schedule. And it's in French! Why does “promenade” sound so much classier than “walk”?


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