Sunrise, Right On Schedule

So me and Fifty are on a schedule. And that schedule is working 98% of the time (a little guestimate on my part).
The 2% of the time when it doesn’t work, is when the Boyfriend messes with it.
I’m not going to go into details, he knows what he did (the Boyfriend, not Fifty), so no need to rehash. But I will say, when Fifty pees in the middle of the night, I know who to blame it on.
Fifty and I woke up this morning, 7:00, right on schedule.
7:15, got my sneakers and Texas hoodie on, grabbed his leash, and headed towards the door. Time for a quick scheduled pee break.
And then, a mere six feet from the door, Fifty decided to have an unscheduled, inside the house pee break, right there on the kitchen floor.
He just looked at me like, “what are you looking at?”
I looked back, “You know what. And we’re still going outside.”
He stared at me some more and sat down as if to say, “No reason to go out now. I’m staying put, where it’s warm.”
Nope. Schedule says we go out at 7:15, (might change that to 7:13 to avoid future six feet from the door pee parties) we go out at 7:15.
And we did.
And because Fifty is a good boy and aims to please, he went pee again. I’m sure just to try to make me feel better about having to clean up kitchen floor pee pee, before a single sip of coffee. He really is a kind soul.
Five minutes later and we were back inside. Breakfast for two and coffee for one right on schedule. A little break before our 8am jog designed to tucker Fifty out. It’s my new favorite part of the day.
Just in time to catch the sunrise over Le Petit Village and the Luberon.
Fifty and me share the morning sunshine while the rest of Le Petit Village slowly wakes up.
And we have a view of Le Petit Village, still sleepy.
We jog outside the village, past the old mill towers and rest for a bit.

It’s so beautiful, even Fifty stops to take it all in.
He really does. He just pops himself down and stares off into the mountains. Thinking very deep and meaningful puppy thoughts I’m sure. Or he could be thinking about how to escape the crazy schedule lady.
And then we turn around and head back, ready to start the day.
Right on schedule.
Until the Boyfriend messes with it.

2 responses to “Sunrise, Right On Schedule”

  1. Sigh. These views remind me of my little corner of paradise…I too followed my husband to Italy without speaking a word of Italian, with two children under the age of 2 in tow. Looking forward to reading up on your blog.


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