Two Cards and An Ornament

Chez moi is the lamest Christmas house on the block. Seriously, the decorations (or lack thereof) are pathetic.

This year we got Fifty instead of a tree. And I’m very thankful for my little buddy but we can’t decorate Fifty. He’s just not down with the gold garland necklace.
Where the tree would have stood, we now have a Christmas wall. It was a brilliant idea. The plan was to take all of our Christmas cards and put them in the shape of a tree and top it off with our beautiful new ornament. Our very first one.
(Big kiss to C, MUAH!)
No reason to go all out since we will be spending the holidays in Auvergne with French Mommy anyway.
But the brilliant card tree was foiled because we’ve only received two Christmas cards (the horror!). It looks far to pathetic to photograph. Trust me.
I’m convinced that the postman is holding out on me and one day very soon I will be flooded with cards from far and wide (I will not abandon hope).
But for the moment, we pretty much have bubkis.
Two cards and an ornament.
The Christmas spirit has left me.
Quick fill me with holiday cheer (please)…

2 responses to “Two Cards and An Ornament”

  1. If it makes you feel better, i've only received one this year! I dunno, my christmas card heap has slowly dwindled in the ten years since I moved overseas…I mean, really, is $1 too much to ask to mail me a card?? So, I cut out the sending too. Nice family, hmm? We're freezing our tushes off here in Italy, how's the weather there?


  2. FREEZING!!!!! So so cold! The Boyfriend is on dog duty this weekend because I cannot bare to go outside. And I'm continually mopping up muddy slush in my entryway. Is Spring almost here?


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