My Winter Nemesis

There is one day of the year that is my nemesis; the 21st of December. And in true nemesis style my feelings are mixed, I loathe it and yet try to see the good in it. Me being the nice superhero to my evil winter nemesis. I know that it can’t be all bad. It probably just had a horrible childhood and was misunderstood. It is the shortest day of the year after all. That can’t be good for one’s self esteem.

But this year my nemesis really tested me. Falling on a Monday is hitting below the belt. And the pretty morning flurries that fell turned into rain by afternoon. Big fat heavy rain drops that soaked me each time I took out Fifty. Four times in just under four hours last night, I’m not kidding. The puppy really likes to pee.
Oh how I hated my nemesis yesterday. In true winter fashion, it was dark all day. The shutters stayed closed and the lights left on. I went about my business counting off each hour until they passed and the day would be over. And waited for my winter nemesis to be gone for another year.
When meeting my nemesis, I try to focus on the positive; the uphill battle to winter is over. It’s all downhill to spring. Sure we have to go through the cold misery of January and February but at least the days slowly begin to get longer. Each one stretching a bit more than the next. And before you know it, we’ll slide into flip flops and tank tops. No more slushy entryway and muddy puppy prints. There will be brighter evenings to take the creepy edge off the medieval village. The lavender will spurt all over Provence again and I’ll be enjoying a bowl of ice cream outside shooing away tourists.
sunnier times
I miss those tourists.

One response to “My Winter Nemesis”

  1. Great summer picture! The sun will be back before you know it. Happy winter solstice!


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