Spreading Holiday Cheer

Tis the season to spread holiday cheer and for my part, spreading holiday cheer means candy.

But not just any candy, Baileys Truffles candy.
Nothing can spread holiday cheer faster than Baileys and my heavy hand.
Candy for all my favorite Le Petit Villagers; the Honey’s, Papa and his Wife, Boyfriend’s Brother, and the postman. Maybe after the Baileys he’ll cough up the rest of my Christmas cards.
Not too shabby.
After about the fifteenth one, they started to look ok. But without little gift bags or boxes I’ve had to resort to cling film with bows.
One of the problems of living in a foreign country is trying to figure out where to go for what. In Texas I’d know right where to go for packaging, not a clue here and the Boyfriend didn’t share the same sense of urgency.
So I’m left with cling film.
And I’m not one of those crafty girls whose been playing with puff paint and bedazzlers since they were teens, I can’t get all MacGuyver with some cling film and make it look pretty. It still looks like cling film.
And being dropped into a clingfilm satchel, has made my candies look like special presents from Fifty.
C’est la vie! As long as no one tries to light them on fire.

6 responses to “Spreading Holiday Cheer”

  1. My daughter used to call those kind of puff paint people who would take such effort to make presents all bow-tied cute “Party Bag People,” refering to mothers who made specially decorated, themed party bags for all the guests at kids birthdays. We were definitely not Party Bag People, so I'm with you on “getting all McGuyver with some cling film” (ha!). But the cookies, now those look damn delicious!


  2. Two kinds of women in TX, Party Bag People, and us!


  3. Hey Crazy Schedule Lady You caught me attention from across the water with the mention of Baileys.I wish you a wonderful Christmas and look forward to reading about it Miss you and love you cricket, speak soon. JR x


  4. Sara, We call them, “Glitter Chicks” here in SoCal and I'm with you in the not being one department. I've resorted to keeping mass amounts of Mason Jars around the pad…everything looks kinda cool in a Mason Jar. See that's the trick girlie, convince yourself that cling film, (or Mason Jars) is what all the super hip kids are doing…substance over packaging.


  5. Hey Sara! How was your first French Christmas?! Hope it was wonderful! =)


  6. Mason jars! Brilliant! Thanks Samantha 🙂


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