Fondue… Gooey Christmas Goodness

Before we left Le Petit Village to celebrate Christmas with French Mommy and French Nana, we had to have a little party with our Le Petit Village posse. And Honey Jr kindly offered to throw one.
A fondue party!
I love fondue!
What’s not to love about pots of melted cheese that you dip bread into? Nothing! It’s gooey goodness.
Pre-dinner drinks were held at M’s house where I stared enviously at her Christmas tree and swore that I would never go another year without one. Doesn’t matter how much tinsel you throw around, no tree, no fun.
Everybody was there; V, Honey Jr, Bubble, the Boyfriend’s Brother, The Boyfriend, and me. We drank muscat wine before popping open the first of many (too many) bottles of champagne.
And after awhile of being merry, when we started to feel hungry, we remembered that we had someplace else to be, and, someplace with food. We stepped out into the rain and walked over to Honey Jr’s. Monsieur Snowman had abandoned us leaving us with buckets of winter rain. Not very festive.
I popped into chez moi for some Christmas cds despite protests from the boys. The girls agreed that a little Rat Pack Christmas music was in order. For some reason, the boys wanted to listen to house. Who listens to house music at a fondue party two days before Christmas? Stupid boys do, that’s who.
Well I don’t listen to stupid boys.
Walked up three slippery flights of stairs to Honey Jr’s pad and cursed my stilettos. V and M were sporting comfy wintery boots, perfect for Le Petit Village they informed me. Yeah well, that’s not how I roll.
I’ll tell you how I do roll though.. in a waddle after too much of this deliciousness…
Two pots full of hot, gooey cheese. One with mushrooms, and both spiked with white wine.
We ate and ate and ate. Oh, and drank some too.
After a few hours of merriment, stuffed to the gills with gooey cheese, champagne, and brandy (something had to burn through all that cheese) I headed to bed to dream of Christmas at French Mommy’s house.
And on that Eve of Christmas Eve, warm and tucked in bed, I felt very thankful for one thing; Honey Jr living right across the street.
Not too far to waddle at all.

4 responses to “Fondue… Gooey Christmas Goodness”

  1. Girlie, you almost lost me at, “Too many bottles of Champagne”….I know what all the words mean but…..Love cheesy goo so I kept reading, sounds like a lovely evening indeed.


  2. Funny Samantha because I thought it looked strange when I wrote it! Certainly didn't feel strange when I drank it 😉


  3. mmm nothing compares to the french and their cheese! Have you had raclette cheese? Is sort of like Fondue, but you melt it on hot plates! I almost died it was so good!


  4. Yes on the raclette Morgan, and it is yum yum good. Check on my post from November called 'The Raclette and The Plonk'.Bonne Année 🙂


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