Holiday Highlights

La Bourboule… try and say it I dare you!
It feels funny and makes your lips and tongue do something pretty strange, something American mouths are not used to doing. French mouths have no problem, they have rather talented lips and tongues.
But I digress, La Bourboule (I just wanted to type it again because every time I do, I say it, and then I laugh, and then the Boyfriend laughs, and Fifty gets excited so it’s a fun time for the Skippie Team).
Back to business – La Bourboule (hee hee) in the Auvergne region is where French Mommy lives and that’s where we drove six hours to spend Christmas.
Because the holidays have already come and gone and I’m a bad blogger who hasn’t been keeping up to date, I’m just going to run through some highlights of my first French holiday. I’ll do my best to remember, there was of course the usual merriment…
Christmas Eve on the road at 11:15 stopped at Papa’s to deliver bonbons. Still haven’t seen postman to give him his or collect any of my missing post… thoroughly convinced at this point that he hates me and is avoiding me but convinced Christmas bonbons will change all that.
(Update – have since given Postman bonbons, he said I was very nice, I have had one package delivered but still have six to go!)
Less than a half hour after leaving Papa’s and Fifty threw up twice. I guess he likes the topsy turvy mountainside even less than I do. He looked queasy until we got on the motorway outside of Avignon. Not a good look on a puppy.
Arrived at 6pm, much quicker than the back roads as I suspected, although the Boyfriend still disputes this.
It took French Mommy and French Nana awhile to warm to Fifty. They kept eyeing him waiting for him to chew something or get something dirty. Uncle G liked him right away. I like Uncle G.
Aperitif time before dinner, we had Champagne and pain surprise. I’ve never seen pain surprise before. It’s a loaf of bread, made into about four different type of small triangle sandwiches and put back together. I was too busy sipping and eating so I forgot to take a picture, but thanks to google…
Image: Google
I realized that in French Mommy’s house, Christmas Eve is the big night and we would be exchanging presents. I was happy to unwrap gifts but sad that nothing exciting would be happening Christmas morning. At least the Boyfriend and I are still waiting on our internet presents that we ordered. Something to look forward to after the holidays.
For dinner Uncle G opened a bottle of Bordeaux from his cellar, 1985, almost as old as the Boyfriend. I knew I liked Uncle G.
Dinner had the required Fois Gras and escargot. Fois Gras is so important to the French at Christmas that almost every news segment I saw in the week leading up to the holidays had a bit about Fois Gras production, purchasing, and consumption. They take their food very seriously.
After, we had smoked salmon, roast chicken, and marron (like a chestnut and sauteed – I’m not a fan). All followed of course by cheese, cheese, and more cheese, and a cake, shaped like a yuletide log called, Buche de Noel. Once again I was too busy stuffing my face to take a photo…
Image: Google
We woke up early on Christmas morning and I was sad that I had no more presents to unwrap, but I happily thought about staying the day on the couch by the fire watching holiday movies on television, even if they were in French. But nope, that was not to be. Uncle G wanted to take the Boyfriend and I for a drive farther up into the mountains. He seemed very excited about this. The Boyfriend and I not so much. One of the reasons I love the Boyfriend is that he is the same as me, we don’t walk, hike, or drive unless we have a destination. That’s for the Belgian and German tourists, not for us. But in the spirit of Christmas, we abandoned our comfy clothes and couch and ventured out into the cold…
Looks freezing doesn’t it? That’s because it was!
The next and last day in La Bourboule (haven’t gotten to say it for awhile) we took Fifty to the park and the Skippie Team had a grand old time…
I rediscovered the joys of a slide…
But was sad that the big slides were closed. I guess without proper supervision some kid might hurt themselves. Stupid kids, ruining my fun. But then I found this thing and got on…
I’m a little too big but I wouldn’t let that stop me. And no reason for Fifty not to have a little fun too…
I’d show you the photos of the Boyfriend on the swing but I’d get in trouble.
And after the park we went to French Nana’s bar where Fifty earned his keep…
That was pretty much my Christmas holiday in La Bourboule (hee hee).
Next up, a very grown up New Year’s Eve…

7 responses to “Holiday Highlights”

  1. I am so enjoying reading your blog in a place so far from me in California. What a treat to read what a family in Bourboule(!) do….I too think that is a nifty sound rolling off the tongue! Can't wait to hear more…..


  2. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to write a comment Ellen, it made my evening πŸ™‚


  3. the food sounds heavenly! and the picturesque snowy scenery is very holiday-ish. fifty looks adorable as a bartender. happy holidays to you & I'm looking forward to more French adventures in 2010! (ps do you say it like Bour as in bourbon, boo-lay? I was trying my best!)


  4. The Bour part is right, the boule bit sounds kinda like bull. I still can't do it!And happy holidays to you too Dreamfarm Girl πŸ™‚


  5. Hello Sara Louise, Just wondering if Fifty is a Boxer. He looks like one – kind of like mine, even.


  6. Fifty is half Staffordshire Terrier and half Bull Mastiff. One of his little friends is a boxer named Vicky and he follows her around like she's his mommy – very cute πŸ™‚


  7. This is a very interesting blog and so i like to visit your blog again and again. Keep it up.Alan


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