A Very Grown Up NYE

New Years Eve at N & Honey B’s house in Avignon. N & Honey B are one of those fabulously grown up couples who make me feel like I am a teenager even though I’m a couple of years older than they are.

They have a grown up house, perfectly designed and decorated. Everything bought with careful consideration, no random scattered purchases like I would make in a haste because of lacking a gene called patience (example – I needed a soap dish for the bathroom, I knew what type I should buy but couldn’t find it so the other day I came home with a plastic transparent orange soap dish. Who has a transparent orange soap dish? Well apparently I do. N & Honey B would never have a transparent orange soap dish. New Years resolution – must show patience and restraint.)
Back to New Years
Because N & Honey B are a fabulously grown up couple, well mostly N, Honey B is a boy so he is as grown up as can be expected (oh – and Honey B is a Honey, he is the older brother of Honey Jr.) they weren’t just having a big crazy party, they were hosting a small, intimate, New Years dinner party for M and her fiance, the Boyfriend, and me. Oh and Honey Jr too, he got to be the seventh wheel.
It would be a very elegant soiree. I saw it as an opportunity to break out my city clothes. An elegant soiree on New Years Eve definitely called for my black leather leggings and some serious stilettos. This made me very happy indeed, the Boyfriend not so much. He can get a little talibanish when it comes to my wardrobe. But I’m an American, so I don’t let the Taliban stand in my way.
We arrived just before 9 and N greeted us at the door looking stunning and sophisticated in that way that only French woman can, all in black of course. N also has very sophisticated hair, a shiny long black bob with perfect bangs. Grown up hair that my unruly curls will never let me have.
Putting aside my hair envy… we had Champagne and pain surprise (obviously a French holiday staple) and chatted about our Christmases. All very civilized.
We moved into the dining room and our Champagne was replaced with this…
And dinner started with smoked salmon, and Fois Gras topped with truffles…
Followed by roast turkey, potatoes dauphinoise, and some of that marron stuff I don’t like (mine went right onto the Boyfriend’s plate). And then of course a cheese plate, and for dessert, chocolate gateau and nougat ice cream.
We were stuffed and heading into a food coma when we noticed it was almost midnight. We stayed sitting at the table, continuing our grown up conversation and waited for the countdown…
And then something happened…
I don’t know who started it or how it began or where all the marbles came from, but somehow I found myself smack dab in the middle of a marble fight. All sense of grown-upness had been abandoned and we were running around the perfect table in the perfect dining room in the perfect grown up house chasing each other throwing marbles.
Honey Jr and M’s fiance in marble battle mode
I guess we can only keep up the grown up facade for so long…

Honey Jr
Honey Jr and friend

yours truly
Happy New Years from Le Petit Village

6 responses to “A Very Grown Up NYE”

  1. i love the picture of you and yours (the one with your heads cut off)! superbe!


  2. I like that one too! Merci Sol 🙂


  3. Such an elegant evening of oh so yummy bubbly and wine….food that I see only on the menus of chic French restaurants here in CA…and to end with wild abandon of playing a game of chase the marbles! What a great way to start the next decade! Happy New Year!


  4. I lost my marbles on New Years Eve too…lost them in a hipster bar along with most of my memory about the evening. I should have gone the grown up route!


  5. I love the photos too! The line about them being a grown up couple, though younger than you, is so dead on. I feel that way a lot. my house is a complete mish-mash. or eclectic, as I prefer to call it. Grown up hair? I will never have that. Happy New Year!


  6. Ellen – that chic French food is easier to cook than you think. Check out letscookfrench.com and give it a go. And then you too can have a dinner party and throw marbles at people! Bonne Année!Samantha – never go the grown up route, losing our marbles is way too much fun :-)Dreamfarmgirl – Bonne Année to you! Hope 2010 is a great one and full of wonderful times at Dreamfarm 🙂


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