The Last Saturday

There was something sad about Saturday.

Sure it was the weekend, but it heralded the beginning of the end of the holiday season. With New Years over and work looming on Monday, Saturday sort of felt just like a regular Saturday, but being the 2nd of January, I guess it was.

We decided to take a little trip to Avignon because gee, I guess we just don’t go there enough.
I was hoping for a vomit-free car ride so I begged the Boyfriend to leave Fifty at home. The Boyfriend and Fifty have grown very attached to each other. I love the little guy too, but sometimes, you have to cut the cord.

We arranged a puppy play date with Fifty’s girlfriend Leah, the jack russell and got on the way.
Leaving just before 11:30, I planned on arriving around 12:30 (because I am The Planner), just in time for a nice long lunch somewhere in the city. I was already mentally picturing my meal; maybe something light like a tomato and buffalo mozzarella salad followed by some seafood risotto, and of course, a glass of Rosé. Nice, light, and with nothing being deep fried, I could convince myself it was all very healthy.
Naturally the Boyfriend had other thoughts…
“We stop at my friends for a quick coffee on the way?”
If you’ve read my posts before, you now know as well as I do that in Provence there is always someone to stop and see on the way anywhere. It’s all very exhausting.

“What friend?”

“You know, he was in the house with a few other friends one night.”
Yes, that narrows it down.
“Which one?”

“You know, the Gypsy” (that’s not a nickname).
So we stop at the Gypsy’s on the way to Avignon. I wanted to get in and get out. I had a glass of Rosé waiting for me somewhere. But the Gypsy put on the coffee and I went and sat on the couch. He had the TV on, and when I looked up, I saw the most surprising thing…. an NBA game! The Gypsy had been watching an NBA game! While the Boyfriend and the Gypsy gossiped (boys gossip too you know), I got to catch the last quarter and overtime of the Knicks/ Hawks game (obviously not live) and wondered why I didn’t have that channel. I was having so much fun (missing basketball as I do) that I was able to ignore the fact that I was drinking what may have been the worst cup of coffee ever. Seriously, the Gypsy really needs to take a class or get a girlfriend or something.
It was now close to 1pm and I was hungry.
“Where do you want to go to lunch?”

“Not sure. I just want to see my Cousin first.”
Yes, no trip to Avignon is complete without a visit to see the Cousin. But oh no, the Cousin wasn’t at home, bummer, guess that would mean that we could go to lunch. But wait,no. Since the Boyfriend and his cousins, brother and friends all have lo-jacks on each other, we found the Cousin having a coffee at his local bar.
Salut. Bonne Année. Ça va? Yes, Christmas was lovely. A bientôt.
That was more or less it in a nutshell except it seemed to take forever.
2pm, starving and regretting skipping breakfast.
“We go to lunch?” The Boyfriend finally on board with original plan.
“Yes, at that McDonalds that’s right there.” I said goodbye to my Rosé and risotto and hello to a Big Mac and coke. That patience and restraint thing hasn’t kicked in yet.
After a quick meal that I regretted even quicker, we finally headed into the city and to Baby Cousin’s clothing shop. Baby Cousin already is quite the little entrepreneur which is very impressive, because as the name implies, he’s the baby. We met up with N & Honey B there (this was not planned, once again, Re: lo-jack) and sat in the back and had some Moroccan tea.
image: Google

Baby Cousin told us that he had pots of it delivered all day long. Isn’t he the sophisticate?
Did some looking around and decided to treat myself (aka let the Boyfriend treat me) to a new hat for walking Fifty on those bad hair mornings. It came with a hefty discount. Big props to Baby Cousin. He’s my favorite you know.
Headed back to Le Petit Village and decided that since we didn’t get the nice lunch with the Rosé, it was only right that we go out for dinner. The Boyfriend suggested we pick up Chinese food, obviously missing the point of us ‘going out’.
After sweetly explaining the differences of us going out for dinner, and picking up dinner, the Boyfriend agreed to take me out on a date. This was exciting. We hadn’t been out to dinner since we brought Fifty home.
We decided on our favorite restaurant in St. Michel. Quick retouch of the makeup (mine, not the Boyfriend’s) and we were back out the door.
And then big freaking bummer…
The restaurant was closed!
Sometimes they just do that here. You can find your épicerie, boulangerie, boucherie, or restaurant closed at any time, without any notice. That’s life in Le Petit Village for you.
I immediately regretted not picking up that Chinese food.
So what did you do last Saturday?

3 responses to “The Last Saturday”

  1. One of most depressing moments on my first trip to France was finally being in Beaune, (favorite city like ever) and heading to dinner at Ma Cuisine….a restaurant that this Burgundy lover had been hearing about for years, closed….just because. Sigh


  2. The Moroccan Tea looks wonderful….but food…your tummy must be very patient! I get low blood sugar troubles as I start to feel ill without regular meals….then the shakes…oh your day did not go as planned. All the anticipation of the food and the wine to be lost! Hopefully a date night tonight?


  3. Samantha – that is truly tragic and that is written without any sarcasm whatsoever. I plan restaurant visits before traveling anywhere so if that happened to me I think I'd be a pouty cow for days. Another trip to Beaune is definitely in orderEllen – The tea is delicious and very easy to make; green tea, mint leaves, and sugar. Loads of recipes on the internet. Also cold moroccan tea is very refreshing. Perfect for hot Cali weather :-)And nope, no date night tonight, but I am cooking the Boyfriend his favorite meal…


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