The Boyfriend's Favorite (maybe)

According to French Nana it’s her beef tongue.

According to Papa’s Wife it’s her couscous.
According to Mrs Honey it’s her squash gratin.
The Boyfriend is a food whore.
Before I came along, there weren’t any serious girlfriends, so all the other women in his life cooked for him. And they all like to think that they were the ‘one’.
Well Madames, there’s a new cook in town and I know what his favorite really is…
MY couscous with merguez sausage.
I first had merguez at the Honey house over the summer. Loved it. Spicy, similar to a chorizo but not as greasy. Remembering the tastiness I picked up a few links at a trip to the boucherie. Not sure what to do with them, I turned to google and found this recipe:
Looked easy enough.
Tastes better than it looks…
And according to The Boyfriend, his new favorite.
And now when I go to French Nana’s, Papa’s Wife’s, our the Honey house, they like to parade their dishes in front of me, trying to make me jealous. But it’s ok, I know what dish he likes best.
Ok, so sometimes he says my mushroom risotto is his favorite.
Told you… food whore.

5 responses to “The Boyfriend's Favorite (maybe)”

  1. My Italian mother-in-law raised my husband on a diet of fried cow brains, liver, tripe, stuffed chicken necks (with the head still attatched…eeewwww!), wild boar, deer, rabbits and pigeons…Thank god I'm not competing with her!! I've only tried the wild boar, rabbits and deer, and hell will freeze over before I cook a chicken head stuffed with ground beef. Good thing he likes hamburgers, huh? Sheesh.


  2. Smart man, keep everyone pimpin' out their best dishes trying to best one another…whore indeed. Love those sausages by the way.


  3. When you started off with Beef Tongue I was “oh no, please not that!” My dear mother-in-law use to make that and I tried REALLY hard to like it and even (God forbid!) to cook it for my dear sweet love. I refuse to do it anymore…so gross! My love now appreciates after 32 years of marriage anything I cook…even if we laugh at it together on what it tastes like…if it is wonderful..he does let me know and I smile all over…


  4. Ha! I love it, work it girl. Work it.


  5. Yum, that looks delish. It might become MY favorite, too!


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