That's Not Toothpaste

My Mother tried to poison The Boyfriend.

OK, that may have been a bit over an overstatement, but she almost did.
We took a quick trip to visit my Mother for her birthday. It was the weekend, I was in Dublin, and it was my Mother’s birthday, so naturally I woke up with gooey wine mouth (gross).

I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth and found The Boyfriend in mid brush. I grabbed the tube that was located just where toothpaste would be located in any normal persons home. But this is my Mothers home. Sometimes, it defies reason. Have you ever read Amelia Bedelia? That’s all I’m saying.
I looked at the tube, and looked at The Boyfriend.

“Did you use this?”
“That’s not toothpaste.”

Never a dull moment.
But we all had a good laugh about it down the pub.


To any of my friends who may read this:
I was in Dublin, but just for 36 hours. In and out. Don’t kill me.

6 responses to “That's Not Toothpaste”

  1. hah! this is a classic!


  2. haha! Too funy, indeed. I'm wondering, though, does it smell minty fresh like toothpaste?


  3. Hahaha! That was so funny! And you are so right…Amelia Bedelia! I also thought about in the movie Amelie too! Hopefully your mother didn't confuse that for toothpaste since it was in a glass…oh boy what next…


  4. haha…awesome!!! at least his mouth won't itch…


  5. that's HILARIOUS. (love your blog.)


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