My New Hobby

I have a new hobby.

I would love to say that it’s yoga, or painting, or decoupage (never did start that) but it’s slightly more neurotic.
I’ve been tracking the sunrise times in Le Petit Village (actually not specifically, Le Petit Village is too small to have it’s own weather page, but the closest larger village’s sunrise).
I am so desperate for my early sunny mornings to come back that each morning I log on and check the sunrise time. It’s always a minute earlier than the day before. Today, 8:04.
At this rate, it’ll be the end of February before a 7:30 sunrise, much more suitable for an early bird like me.

There is a reason for this that is embarrassing to admit. It all goes back to me being a scaredy cat. Fifty has to be walked as soon as he wakes up in the morning. There is about a five minute window, just enough time for me to get dressed, but that’s it. He’s awake, it’s pee pee time. And dawn can be a very eerie time in Le Petit Village. Some mornings are fine, but on other mornings, thick fog descends on the mountain and you can walk ten feet, turn around and not see where you just came from. I’m not exaggerating, nothing but dense fog. The only visible light is from the bell tower on the old church, glowing orange, and just when I pass, the birds that live in it fly away, wings flapping loudly. So picture a dark medieval village with a centuries old church bell tower, glowing orange in the fog, and fleeing birds. No traffic, no people, no noise. Just a girl and her puppy. CREEPY.
Anyhoo… I like to wait until at least thirty minutes before sunrise to take Fifty for his walk, by then, a hint of light begins, and I can pretend I’m not a big old chicken. This is all by way of saying that my normal early bird routine is being disturbed by Fifty’s pee pee breaks and the lazy sunrise. Relaxed, normal people would not have a problem with this. But I am the opposite of relaxed. Xanax should have been named Sara.
That’s all I really have to say.
I’m tracking the sunrise. Sorry for the fine example of nerdom.
Please tell me you do something equally strange.

8 responses to “My New Hobby”

  1. I know how you feel I used to hate driving to and from work in the dark.Now that I've retired I can drink coffee and wait, I don't have to walk Fifty though. Your description of early morning only needed Sir Christopher Lee to make it a 60s horror flick!


  2. Yeah, that morning walk would scare the P. Jeebers outta me too, one of the reasons…birds scare the shit out of me, so there's one of mine.


  3. I can get spooked pretty easily..and if I was walking and felt smothered by fog I would be in a panic! I share the early mornings as I have the two doggies whimpering to be let out. Don't they know it is dark? Does smells smell better at that hour? Hey…I like what you have on the sidebar of Le Petit Villager…I enjoyed reading about the family, neighbors, the weather and the time…great idea! I am so enjoying your posts each morning…..thank you and have a wonderful weekend…date night out to dinner?


  4. I used to work at a toy store until a little after midnight during the christmas season, and driving home afterwards would scare the mess outta me, mostly because we live in a wooded area and I swear I saw a wolf (or maybe a coyote?) once. and there's always a random deer or raccoon scurrying about. i'm not a nature person, so I'd sit in my car for about 5-10 minutes until I felt safe and then RUN to the front I completely know where you're coming from.


  5. Great description! Creepy and eerie! No people around? Hope that doesn't mean the vampires came and ate them =P. I am just kidding. But hey I am a paranormal sci-fi writer what do you expect! =P


  6. James – Thanks for mentioning Christopher Lee and horror movies. Now I'm even more freaked out. For payback, it's only fair if you walk Fifty.Samantha – Birds freak me out too. Don't like them. Don't like their beaks, don't like their feet, don't like their wings. Just don't like them.Ellen – Thanks for noticing my new Le Petit Villager feature. Been meaning to add it for ages but have been too busy tracking the sunrise. Hopefully dinner out tonight (still waiting on that). The Boyfriend is nursing the man flu again so a decision should be made shortly. I'm keeping my fingers crossed :-)Tiny Elvis – We don't have coyotes here but apparently we have wolves and I remembered this on a long walk with Fifty. We were a good ways outside of the village, just in the middle of the countryside and I suddenly remembered that sometimes in the winter, a wolf or two will make it's way closer to the village. Scared the bejeesus out of me. Needless to scare, we jogged back.Bonnie – I was worried about WWII Nazi German soldier ghost zombies, but now I guess I have to worry about vampires too. Thanks a mil!


  7. sounds to me like you've got a perfectly good reason for the creeps. That sounds scary! You are a good dog-mommy. BTW, when I took astronomy we had to look at the moon every day/night and chart where it was in the sky and its fullness to get a sense of the cycle. It was actually really fun to pay attention that closely. I guess I'm in the nerd camp, too.


  8. Sara, I am so sorry! In my attempt to be witty, I overlooked the fact you still had to walk the dog.Old men are not nearly as amusing as they think. The good news is the wolves have eaten the WWll Nazi ghost zombies and the birds chased the vampires off, so you should be good to go.


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