Should Have Bought The Dyson

I wanted this…
I got this…
I begged for the Dyson but The Boyfriend wouldn’t hear it,
€3oo?! For a vaccuum?”
“Yes, but it’s worth it. They last forever and nothing cleans like a Dyson.”
This is the conversation we had in July when I was visiting Le Petit Village before moving. We were making a list of things that we needed to have when I arrived in September. It was a short list because I wanted us to buy most things together after I arrived, (The Boyfriend needs to be supervised while shopping. He’s been known to go rogue. One time he tried to buy a 3D Mohammed Ali poster for our living room). But there were somethings that couldn’t wait like a washer, dryer, and a vacuum.
The washer dryer, oh the washerdryer!
Our house does not have a place for both a washer and a dryer. If we had a back garden to hang the clothes out, I would be happy, drying the clothes and being kind to the environment at the same time. Fantastic! But we don’t have a back garden. So as crappy as they can be sometimes, an all in one washer and dryer was required. I said this to The Boyfriend. Of course I got the normal male response,
“But they’re so expensive”.
Yes, they are about €150 more than a straight washer but what choice did we have? We need the washer dryer. I didn’t want our house looking like an old Chinese Laundry with wet clothes drying over every radiator and chair.
He obviously didn’t get the point and why would he? I’m the one that would be doing the laundry. And this is not a sexist Suzy Homemaker thing. I like doing the laundry. When I do the laundry I know that the clothes get washed and ironed, and then lovingly folded and put in their proper designated place in wardrobe, dresser, or closet.
The Boyfriend does not do laundry. Only when there is literally nothing else for him to wear and he can no longer locate a bed, chair or couch underneath dirty clothes. Then, he will find someone to do laundry for him.
Case in point – The Boyfriend was visiting me in Dublin. I met him at the airport and hugged him. At this point I noticed that his white shirt seemed a bit grey around the edges. The rest of the clothes he brought with him were also dirty. We had to go shopping for new clothes. Who packs dirty clothes? Now you know the answer.
A month before I moved, The Boyfriend phoned me very pleased with himself,

“I got a washing machine.”

“Oh, that’s great” I was thrilled to be able to cross something off the list.
“But where are you going to dry the clothes?”
(Sometimes The Boyfriend’s memory is not the best; rugby damage).
Huge sigh from my end. And then a few deep breaths. And then I used my colorful vocabulary reserved for special occassions.
Now when I do laundry, I have to hoof it to Boyfriend’s Brother’s house and hang the clothes on his line. This is a pain in my petunia.
As far as the vacuum goes, needless to say I didn’t get the Dyson. I arrived in September to a little red vacuum bought on sale for €40. And I got about €40 worth of cleaning out of it. It died this morning, only four months old, making the most pitiful sound on it’s way out. I think I’m going to throw a party. Me, the little red vacuum, and a baseball bat. I have some emotions I would like to share with the little red vacuum.
As soon as The Boyfriend arrives home tonight as much as I try to hide it, I’m sure my face will be plastered with it’s I told you so smirk.
Sidebar – I swear, I am not as high maintenance as I seem. I’m just a little anal, a tad controlling, with a healthy dash of OCD.
It’s a soft and cuddly mix.

7 responses to “Should Have Bought The Dyson”

  1. What a wonderful way to describe one's self. “A soft and cuddly mix”. Seems that your mix is just what “The Boyfriend” needs. Have I been forgiven for the Christopher Lee comment yet?


  2. hahaha! this is a hilarious story, so perfectly written. something so endearing about being 'domestic.'


  3. James – absolutely forgiven. Sunrise at 8am today, tomorrow 7:59! 🙂


  4. Grace – Lovely compliment, thank you. And thanks for stopping by and taking the time


  5. I don't have a Dyson and anyone that has one always brags about it….kind of like a do because I have a Mac and don't get me going on with my love affair with my Mac! Anywho….the men really should trust us when it comes to the Domestic Tools we NEED and USE…but they don't! PS…I would clobber that red vacuum, but in private…so the neighbors don't get to concerned about you….


  6. We bought a Dyson with the gift cards we got for our wedding. And even with the gift cards, we still ended up paying $120 out of pocket. The only upside to having it has been that it hasn't broken. The cleaning power seems the same to me. Then again, my cleaning abilities are questionable.I'm going to look into this washer/dryer. I've never seen one. Sounds interesting.


  7. I can totally sympathize. When the hubby and I first moved into our home, we bought a bright red vaccuum. That thing was a piece of crap. I spent more time taking the thing apart to pull a clog out than I did actually vaccuuming. I finally broke down and bought a Dyson. One of the best purchases of my life, no joke.


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