Live at Le Jungle…

A quick trip to the butchers to pick up something for dinner and I was doing my best to avoid joining the conversation between the butcher, The Boyfriend, and the other man in the shop (everyone talks to each other here, small town charm). I looked around for something to distract me and lo and behold…

Woohoo!!! A poster for Chippendales right there in the butchers. What a strange place to advertise the oiled up gyrating, banana hammock wearing man revue.
I was just about to make a tasteless joke (I’ll let you use your imagination) but thought better of it. I apologise.
And how much are you loving the name of the club…
‘Le Jungle’.
Awesome 80’s goodness. Chippendales live at Le Jungle!
And it’s not even my birthday (yet!).
Sorry the picture is not better quality. I was trying to snap the photo as quickly as possible. The butcher and The Boyfriend were staring at me like I have some sort of mental illness.
Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I didn’t get to go. Not that I’d want to. I’m just saying.

8 responses to “Live at Le Jungle…”

  1. Sara Louise! If your next translation is “banana hammock” you're grounded for a week!I do agree it was kind of Freudian to put the poster up in a butcher shop.


  2. That is a funny story. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself. 😉


  3. So I wonder: is this a special French Chippendales Revue or is there a standard-issue Chippendales that travels the world? Also, I didn't know people still enjoyed watching the banana-hammock crew. It seems so deliciously late 80's/early 90's.


  4. I take pictures sometimes and hope no one sees me …they all look at me and wonder what I am taking a picture of….yeah the look they give is “she is odd”….I keep taking them…


  5. What is up with that butcher? The Jungle needs to be on your list to visit. Tell the boyfriend you are doing it for your readers. We want to know!


  6. I second dreamfarm girl. You have a responsibility to your readers to report the details of french living….


  7. James – you make me smile :-)Muffin – I'd enjoy myself more if i had been allowed to go. J/K Tiny Elvis – I think there is probably one Chippendales crew that's been in circulation since 1980 and they all rock the same Patrick Swayze circa Roadhouse hairdo. Holy Def Leppard awesomeness!Ellen – I'm getting used to the weird stares. But Papa still thinks I'm crazy because everytime I eat at his house I take a picture of the table and the food just in case I want to post about it. He doesn't get it.Dreamfarm Girl – I think you're right. In the name of research it must be done. Le Jungle… here I come…Kate – welcome back!!!


  8. What kinda butchers do you have down there!? In our local butcher's shop there's just a hand-drawn poster advertising some local hunt. Well hung of course.


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