How I Spent I.D.A.

As much as I would have loved to have spent I.D.A. (International Day of Awesomeness, aka my birthday) pampering in some spa somewhere, that was not on the cards, I live in Le Petit Village, not Paris. So since I wasn’t able to get my tootsies tinkled or soak in a bath of mud, I had to make my own fun.

A little recap of how I spent I.D.A….
Watched four episodes of Ugly Betty online. Love me some Betty.
Stalked Facebook, waiting for birthday wishes to show up on my wall. 41 in total, not too shabby.
Watched Fifty stare at the washing machine and lick the window trying to catch the water swirling inside. This is pure entertainment. I can watch this for hours. Moron.

I made a batch of mini, fudgey, chocolate cakes but undercooked them. You’re supposed to flip them out on tin foil and get little upside down cakes. But when I flipped, I had a pile of chocolate gooeyness, resembling nothing you could stick a candle into. Deciding to see the glass as half full, I thought “well, the birthday fairy is smiling on me, now I don’t have to share”, grabbed a spoon and dug in.

gooey goodness
Spent some time feeling guilty about eating all that chocolate gooeyness and swearing to myself that it’s all about fruit and vegetables from now on (not a chance).
And because I was full of chocolate gooeyness and unable to move, stayed on the couch reading an Agatha Christie. This was great for a couple of reasons; 1. I’ve had a crush on Hercule Poirot for years and 2. Fifty makes an excellent foot warmer.
And just I was about to doze off into a chocolate coma to dream of solving crime with my crush Hercule, The Boyfriend came home with these…
And some Champagne.
International Day of Awesomeness indeed.

Next up… the birthday weekend.

7 responses to “How I Spent I.D.A.”

  1. Fifty looks like my kind of dog. Sounds like a perfect day so far, cannot wait to hear the rest lady!


  2. Chocolate in any form is heaven…Champagne and flowers…heaven +…hoping the birthday weekend is heaven+++!


  3. Sounds like a perfect day. Books, chocolate and champagne. Not bad at all. 🙂


  4. Hi Sara LouiseWow I love your blog! And a very I.D.A to you!Best wishesLydia


  5. Nice day, nice dog, nice cake, nice blog.


  6. Samantha – yes, Fifty does appreciate the finer things in life, too bad he has no thumbs to hold a glassEllen – it was pretty heavenly, just a nice chillaxed day :-)Tiny Elvis – I love how old I'm getting, this type of day for my birthday would have driven me mental in my twenties, love it nowLydia – Thanks for compliment, and thanks for stopping by!Homemaker Man – a birthday blog poem; you rock!!


  7. I love the story about Fifty. I have a front loader set and at first, I was concerned Elke would freak out and scratch the whole thing up, trying to get what was inside. But more than anything, I think she is scared of it…especially during the spin cycle!Sounds like you are having a great birthday week. And I was just thinking of chocolate today. Godiva chocolate specifically. Truffles specifically!Talk to you soon, Sara Louise!


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