I Caught A Fish This Big…

Last night, we were driving home from dinner in St Michel. The road is always dark without any lights, with thick trees on both sides, almost like you are driving through a forest (actually I think it may be a forest).

We were laughing about something when suddenly…
“What is that?
A huge wild boar was walking along the side of the road. What’s odd about this was not that we saw a wild boar, it’s that the boar didn’t seem to pay us any mind. He just continued to walk slowly, not really caring that we were there shining headlights at him.
The Boyfriend starts shouting at me, “take a picture, take a picture!”
The boar crosses the road, not in any particular hurry, while I fumbled in my huge handbag for the camera, cursing myself for not carrying a clutch bag.
This is all I got…
No boar

All the wine and big bag had me too late to catch the slow boar, but I swear, there was a very large boar.
The Boyfriend starts yelling at me because I didn’t have the camera at the ready. It’s strange enough that I’m in the habit of carrying my camera with me everywhere, in case I see something interesting enough to be documented here, but according to The Boyfriend, I’m not a good ‘reporter’ because I didn’t have my camera at the ready. Didn’t know I was a reporter. I’m going to toss that one up to his interesting use of English vocabulary.
The thing is, he didn’t want the photo for me and you readers and this blog. He wanted it for his brother and Papa. Boyfriend’s Brother is Le Petit Village’s current record holder for the largest boar killed. A few years ago, he shot a 170kg (375lb) boar at 200 meters. Apparently it was pure pastis induced luck, one shot into the forest and big boar went down. Either way, Boyfriend’s Brother is a local celebrity due to this and naturally, that day was one of the proudest days of Papa’s life.
The Boyfriend doesn’t hunt.
But I guess if he had a picture to go along with the story…
I saw a boar this big…

5 responses to “I Caught A Fish This Big…”

  1. I think it's funny how the Boyfriend is now relying on your photojournalism. You've developed a reputation! But too bad we didn't get to see the boar. I'm sure it was impressive. Those things are hideous!


  2. I'm always on the look out for wild boar but so far haven't been lucky enough to see one yet. I have however seen an 'istrice,' a big porcupine which is common in Italy. They are the size of a dog and I got such a fright when I saw a little family of them walking along the road one night!


  3. Pics or it didn't happen. haha. Just teasing. Perhaps you should charge the Boyfriend for the freelance photojournalism position he's bestowed upon you. 🙂


  4. I'm happy you were in the safety of your car when you spotted him. Boars are scary. I'd rather face an alligator.


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