Like The Boyfriend In A China Shop

We made a visit to Baby Cousin’s shop in Avignon. The Boyfriend and I are going stateside in March and we wanted to pick him up some new clothes for the trip.

Baby Cousin’s shop only sells men’s clothes (although I did buy a really cute button down in x-small that I’m loving at the moment). I wish it sold clothes for women but it’s not that kind of shop. It’s one of those cool boy shops. Not overly trendy and metro sexual like Top Man, where the clothes scream, ‘I know the DJ’, at Baby Cousin’s shop, the clothes are like, ‘I am the DJ’. If I was a boy, I’d buy most of my clothes there. But I’m not (luckily for The Boyfriend).
We spend a lot of time there. There’s a comfy couch and flat screen in the back and a fridge always stocked with Heinekens (total boy shop), and next door a restaurant that sends in espresso and Moroccan tea to Baby Cousin.
This visit, there was something new. The desk that the cash register sits on had been decoupaged. Now, you know that I’m loving the decoupage, haven’t done it yet, but I’m loving it. Well, little intrepid Baby Cousin, had decoupaged the cash register desk with comic books.
How cool is this…
Decoupage desk and The Boyfriend’s feet
So we’re standing around the cool comic book cash desk, admiring it, and talking about how long it took Baby Cousin to decoupage the whole thing.
And then The Boyfriend and his non-petite self decided to lean on it…
cracked glass courtesy of The Boyfriend
Way to go.
To try and make up for The Boyfriend in a china shop damage, we took Baby Cousin to lunch next door at this swanky place…
Which is so like, ‘This is where the DJ eats.’
I had a glass of this…
super pale Provencal Rosé
And to try and ease the pain of his damaged desk, we got Baby Cousin a glass of this…
drink me
Pain go bye bye juice courtesy of vodka.

If you find yourself in Avignon, drop into Family on 4 Rue Carnot, just don’t lean on anything.

9 responses to “Like The Boyfriend In A China Shop”

  1. I find it very interesting that they chose to decoupage with Superman and Batman comics and didn't choose their own trendy underground French comics.


  2. If it's any consolation, Superman and Batman are in French =)


  3. Green drinks naturally make everything better.


  4. I sympathize with Boyfriend. I'm like a bull packed inside a small box that is also filled with china.


  5. Very cool desk, (sans crack) and now you have this great story and something to tease the Boyfriend with. Every time you get near something that is fragile you can say, “Baby…don't lean on that”, I love having those little giggle inducing things to hold on to!


  6. Lord that sounds like something I'd have done. Poor guy. But I'm sure you won't bring it up again, right?……right?


  7. That desk is the epitome of awesomeness. I would've killed to have that in my room as a teen. I doubt my dad would have let me desecrate a comic, though. Even for the sake of some sweet decoupaging. (He's one of the board'em n' bag'em kind of comic book readers.) Also, I want to eat where the DJ eats. It looks swell.


  8. Apparently that is where the DJ also breaks things, too! =) But, djs abd breaking seem to go well together anyway, right?That green drink looks like absynthe! You weren't trying to REALLY make your cousin forget were you??


  9. I just found your blog, it's great! I actually live in Avignon, less than few mins away from this shop! ha, funny. I love the shop too, so does my boyfriend. I would love to get the stuff for myself. Maybe you can suggest to order some cool stuff for girls too? 😉


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