Leashless in Le Creepy Village

The Boyfriend takes Fifty for his last walk of the evening. I’ve got day duty, The Boyfriend has night duty.

When I walk Fifty, we have three different routes out of the village that we take, just to mix it up. One, for when I’m in a hurry and just want him to do what he’s got to do and get back inside. Two, for a walk that takes us down a steep hill if I feel like I’m in need of some good pert bum exercises, and the third for when the sun is shining on a beautiful day and we need a long walk.

For some inane reason, The Boyfriend likes to walk Fifty into the old medieval village at night.
A little background on Le Petit Village and the old medieval village…
Le Petit Village is old, like really old. It used to be a little Roman town that was used as a stop over on the way to trading in Marseille (source: The Boyfriend). Like when I say Roman, I’m talking about Julius and Brutus, that’s freaking old.
Anyhoo… on top of that old town, a medieval village was built within old medieval walls (think a mini Avignon). The homes in the old medieval village are 12th century, and people live in them today.
Le Petit Village expanded a wee bit and the present day ‘main’ street where I live is right outside the walls of the old medieval village. Now even though my front door is only about twenty five feet from the arched opening of the old village, I don’t go in there. Never have, and not sure if I will. I’m just a scaredy cat like that. Old stuff creeps me out. Wish I could get over it but I can’t (too bad, because I love history, but I’ve got this Billy Bob Thornton type phobia). Moving on.
At night there are no lights inside the medieval village, not a one. It’s preserved in time. Where as the houses on the inside (so I’m told) are kitted out with modern appliances, the outsides still look like 12th century, and because there is a big wall to block out the rest of the village, the two ‘main’ street lamps do not shine into the medieval village, so according to The Boyfriend, it’s pitch black, only lit by moonlight.
Say it with me everyone…. CREEPY
So for some lunatic reason that I do not understand, this is where The Boyfriend likes to take my little furry angel for a walk at night. Sure he knows it’s wobbly cobble stoned streets inside and out from childhood days running through it, but come on!
Last night on the pm walk, as I was tucked inside my cozy abode I heard The Boyfriend shouting, “Fifty! Fifty!” But when The Boyfriend says it, it sounds like, “Feefty! Feefty
See, The Boyfriend has started to let Fifty off his leash when they go out. Not me. I’ll save that for fun sunny Saturday afternoons when I have time to chase a puppy who has decided to bolt. Not for night times when I have a date with a glass of Côtes du Rhône and a couch.
So what happens now that The Boyfriend has been walking Fifty through the old creepy village, and Fifty is off his leash and wants to make a run for it, where do you think he’s going to run? That’s right. Back to old creepy village. Probably to chase some Roman toga wearing spirit or Nazi ghost zombie he saw.
The Boyfriend can chase him through those uneven lanes in the dark, that’s his own creepy bed and he can run in it.
Me, I’ll stick with the leash. And on my side of the wall.

9 responses to “Leashless in Le Creepy Village”

  1. That is really cool! I envy you!


  2. The way I see it is that Fifty is clearing out all the Nazi ghost zombies so you will be safe at night. Good dog!


  3. LOL! I can just envision Fifty and the Boyfriend at night…too funny! Sounds creepy but kind of cool too. I love old villages with a lot of history. I bet the stars at night are incredible. I will enjoy your journey in France. Thanks for stopping on my site and introducing yourself to me. Bon weekend!


  4. “Nazi Ghost Zombies” made me chuckle. I'm with you, though. I'm not fond of non-lighted areas, no matter how fantastically rich in history they are.


  5. That is very beginning of a vampire movie. Man loses dog, blood-sucking ensues.


  6. I actually have kind of been wondering of the doggy's name is pronounced Fifty or the more French-accented Feefty. Or even Fiddy. Mystery solved. MOre on-point, the medieval town sounds pretty cool to me, but maybe not so much at night in pitch black when of course a thousand years of ghosts are roaming. A thousand!! glass of wine on the couch = a much better idea.


  7. i adore old medieval village , surtout at night : i enjoy imagine people living there in 12 th century … I guess it can be creepy too !My town have some medieval streets and at night it's amazing !


  8. Bonnie – It is, and I'd really like to get over my phobia and check it out. Maybe on a really warm sunny day when lots of tourists are milling about, I might be able to give it a goJames – I never thought of it that way! Fifty is getting an extra treat today just in case =)Corine – Merci beaucoup =)Tiny Elvis – I didn't know that the Nazis hung around the south but there is a horrible story about something they did in Le Petit Village. I might post about it, but I have to find someway to make it 'ok'. So therefore I'm convinced we've got Nazi ghost zombiesHomemaker Man – Thanks. As if Nazi ghost zombies, and Roman toga wearing spirits weren't enough, now I have to worry about vampiresDreamfarm Girl – yep, my furry little angel is named after a rapper that got shot nine times. Morgane – I just said it to Bonnie, but I do feel like I'm missing out on an opportunity. Maybe a little liquid courage first and I can give it a go =)


  9. I do love old, old, old places BUT at night I would want some light..or it would be CREEPY! Why is it that we get scared in the dark? Anyway…just like a doggy friend to go running and of course being dark you can't see the little guy…hope it didn't take too long to find him and I am sure the Boyfriend was happy for a little glass of wine with all the puppy searching once they came back! Your life in another country in your little village…so fun to read about it! So you won't go there even in the daylight though? Oh do go…take some photos..I am all eyes to see what it must look like!


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