They Make Curtains

As much as I love my cozy little abode with it’s large spiral staircase smack dab in the middle of the living room, I covet the house next door.
It’s old, but not too old, probably about one hundred years. So not old enough to give me the heebie jeebies if I was lucky enough to live there. It’s big with lots of windows and white shutters instead of the usual Provencal mint green or pale purple. And according to The Boyfriend (Boyfriend’s Brother rented it a couple of years ago) it has an atrium and a cave. I’m guessing by cave he actually means basement (unless it does have some sort of bat cave with a butler named Alfred living in it. Now that would be dope).
A young family lives there with an adorable little boy, who I think is about three. He’s the cutest little blonde thing but Fifty barks at him whenever he is outside on his tricycle which makes me feel bad. But I know it’s the trike, not the little boy that Fifty is barking at (Fifty loves children, bikes, like vacuums, freak him out) and I try to tell him that it’s the trike and not him, but he just cocks his head and looks at me funny (much like Fifty does) and I’m sure he’s not understanding my strange accent.
Sidebar – this adorable little boy looks exactly like pictures of The Boyfriend when he was little. And I mean exactly. So much so that I’ve started looking at the mother a little funny at times. Hmmm…
The one odd thing about the house; it has no curtains, not a one. And the shutters are only closed if they are out of town, so usually, they’re wide open. No curtains. Needless to say, anyone on the street can see inside their house. And see the super high ceilings and how great it is, and how much I want to live there. If only I could get them to move (can you sense me hatching a diabolical plan…).
I’ve been wondering what the man that lived there did. He’s home most days and gets a lot of large packages delivered (yes, I’ve turned into that nosey neighbor from Bewitched). But when he’s gone, it’s very early in the morning. So I asked The Boyfriend.
“Oh, he has a stall at the markets.”
“Cool, what does he sell?”

Um, OK.
I swear I was only joking about looking at the little boy’s mother funny.
But not about that diabolical plan part….

9 responses to “They Make Curtains”

  1. fun story !! i love to write your posts !


  2. Ha! I'd say to force them out with the fake haunting, except that you would probably end up freaking yourself out before they moved.


  3. Dude, yet another thing we have in common…a heart meltingly adorable 3 year old blonde kid living next door! Course mine looks a bit like Chicken Little, gives me Valentines gifts and has totally wrecked my bad ass image here in the apartment complex…I would hate him for that if I were not completely in love.I'd be worried about that cave business….you think it's a coincidence that the neighbor kid looks like your boyfriend? What if they are like body snatchers or somethin' and have a cave full of pods, each with a tiny villager growing it and they are going to take over the Petit Village?! If they end up having a daughter that looks strangely familiar….run!


  4. Maybe you can get the Nazi zombie ghosts to help you in your plot!


  5. I second chasing them out with a faux haunting. What a lovely house, the windows, the atrium, the cave… sounds so picturesque.


  6. I guess his curtains are not the kind he would put up in his own home….wrong size…wrong style…oh to live in a home so old…what stories the walls have seen…just makes my imagination run wild!


  7. Another case of the cobbler's children have no shoes. He has probably come to hate curtains. I hope you get that house someday…sounds lovely. even with a cave.


  8. Crumbs, are they French? It is so unusual for a French family to leave their shutters open. Your cottage sounds lovely and I love your description of Fifty, our dog loathes the vacuum cleaner.XX


  9. Morgane – merci!Homemaker Man – you know me so well :-)Sam – I think you may be on to something with the pod people. A little investigation may be in order…James – you're a boy genius!Habebi – it really is. It's by far my favorite house in the village and I want it so badEllen & Dreamfarm Girl – I guess he's so tired of making curtains for everyone else. I really hope the mom isn't a cobbler ;-)Dash – I think they're French but I've been told they're from somewhere farther up North. Thanks for coming by đŸ™‚


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