So Close, Yet So Far…

Last week, as March began, Le Petit Village seemed to be rolling nicely into spring.
All the traces of snow were finally gone. The sun was shining in a baby blue sky and I could feel my love for Provence returning.

Fifty and I took longer walks, and for the first time in months my fingers didn’t freeze because I forgot my gloves. I moved quickly in my spring jacket bopping along to my French lesson on my Ipod.

All seemed right with the world again.The noises of spring had returned. Birds chirping early in the morning (you know the birds, I’m not a bird person so I don’t know their name. But they make that ‘woo-woo..woo-woo’ sound. I’ll call them disco birds). The disco birds did their disco call along with the noises of house renovations, probably in preparation for the spring arrival of it’s Belgian or Parisian owners.

Le Petit Village was beginning to see the trickle of tourists again, cameras at the ready (perhaps my own personal papparazzi, might just start to act like that for fun).

I’d take deep satisfying breaths and smile as the sun warmed my face, sure that spring was finally here and the return of my beloved warm weather clothes with it.

And then on Sunday, it freaking snowed again!

How do you like them apples?

Happy camper I am not.


11 responses to “So Close, Yet So Far…”

  1. Your village is beautiful under snow and blue sky but sick of snow no? It's so cold here in Brittany too ; i'm dreaming of my bikini suits ! SKIP spring , come summer ! spring is too cold this year!


  2. Well….that just stinks.


  3. That sucks, but I love the pic.


  4. It looks beautiful though : )


  5. So funny. Everyone here on my side of “our” country says, “It certainly is cold today, but at least the sun is shining. Did you see the weather report about Provence?”xo,Tish


  6. Great story – what is up with all the weather here anyway. Stay warm and remember Spring will be here soon…eventually…A bientôt


  7. Well cuhrap! At least you got in a good walk. Hope more warm days and walks come soon! Personally, I'm looking forward to stories and pics about the paparrazzi (tourists)… hey I don't have any so I might as well live vicariously through someone. 😉


  8. Hi Sara,Hope Spring comes sooner than you think. I know I cannot wait. It has been one long winter. Tired of the cold and want to see some blooms. Take care.


  9. Crazy isn't it? When will spring really come? Have just found your blog and have enjoyed reading past posts! I think your weather widget may be out, its saying 32 degrees, unless its in Farenheit?


  10. Thanks for your comment. Hope it gets sunny soonEloise


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