Back in the U.S.A.

The Boyfriend and I are venturing out of Le Petit Village and headed stateside to visit my father in the Berkshires and some friends in New York.

This is The Boyfriend’s first trip to the States and I’m so excited to show him around, catch up with friends and family and spend a week surrounded by American accented English that I’m dangerously close to piddling.

Some other reasons I’m so happy I’m doing the bunny hop…

Shopping… Barnes & Nobles, Target, J Crew, Old Navy… here I come! I’m a product of American consumerism and I’m planning on dumping a bunch of euros into the American economy. Your welcome Barack.

Eating… deli sandwiches for both breakfast; fried egg, ham and cheese on a hard roll, and for lunch; pastrami on rye, Italian sub, and meatball heros. Excuse me while I have my Homer Simpson moment… so delicious… And Dunkin Donuts (mmm… donuts) for munchkins and coffee, and of course Starbucks, Starbucks, and more Starbucks.

But unfortunately, every ying has it’s yang, and I’m a little sad too…

I’ll miss Fifty. He’s spending the week with Boyfriend’s Brother and his puppy cousins; Python, Karma, Leah, Mika, and the other new puppy (can’t remember her name yet) and I’m sure he’ll be happy but I’m worried he’s not going to get the cuddles he’s used too (Boyfriend’s Brother is not a cuddler).

We’re missing the last two weekends of Six Nations rugby. When I realized this, I thought about cancelling the trip. Seriously. France is going to win the Grand Slam and I want to see it.

Travelling with The Boyfriend. I’m trying to be positive but I can’t see this going well. Patience is not one of his virtues and the longest flight he ever took before was three hours to Turkey. This is a two hour flight from Nice to Amsterdam, a five hour layover, and an eight hour flight to Boston, followed by a two hour car ride to my Dad’s. And I can just hear all his Gallic huffing and puffing now. Travelling doesn’t bother me (except on Ryan Air), airports are my playground. I’m the person you want to be in line behind at security checkpoint (true story: a security guard once pointed at me and shouted to everyone, ‘now this is how it’s done’. I’ve got mad security checkpoint skills).

And of course, I’ll miss you, my loyal Le Petit Village posse. But it’s just for a week, and then I’ll be back fatter and over caffeineted with plenty of stories to share.

Betcha can’t wait to here how The Boyfriend meeting my father goes.

Neither can I.


17 responses to “Back in the U.S.A.”

  1. Have a wonderful trip and try not to piddle on the plane, so embarrassing.


  2. Have fun. You'll be missed. Since you're stopping in Boston, you should come by my house for a visit. It's the pink construction paper one with the f'ed up bird out front.


  3. Have a great trip and we all can't wait to hear how it how it goes…you will be busy hitting all the spots you haven't seen, eaten, drank or tried on ……happy days ahead!


  4. Have a great time in your country ! I understand you miss some american food ! Is donut better than an eclair au chocolat?BON VOYAGE ! i will miss your comments!




  6. Bonjour Sarah,Have a wonderful time showing French Boyfriend off, and try to control that American style eating. I went back 'home' to the U.S. in November and had to hit all those places Paris has lots of Starbucks though, have they found their way to Provence yet? I even had a craving for IHOP, can you believe that?! Have fun and Bon voyage!


  7. How a safe and fabulous trip!!!!! Oh American food is amazing… I am even crazy when I go back home which is only 1,000 miles away for two of my favorite places… Taco Johns and BBops… they are delicious!! Can't get them here in Texas 😦


  8. Welcome home Beautiful…we've missed you! Have a great time darlin' and if you ever…and I mean ever, travel further South, this girl cannot wait to meet you. Have a great time loving the family, sharing the Boyfriend and stomping around on your home turf. How's about making the Boyfriend make Saturday Snacks…the American version of Sunday Dinner. (Wink)Big love to you and your family Sara and know that this sister is thinking of you and wishing you nothing but joy.HugsSam


  9. Thanks for visiting! Now here I am just as you're about to leave. But I'll have a good time getting the background story and I'm sure you'll be blogging from the states, all wired up on Starbucks.


  10. Have a wonderful trip! I'm excited for Boyfriend to see the states. A cousin of mine was breifly engaged to a fellow from Bournemouth, England, and it was quite entertaining to watch him experience America for the first time. Have fun!! =)


  11. Welcome back stateside and shop away girl!


  12. Have a great time Sara. Make sure you have some peanut butter mm's and reeses squares for me. SmilesG


  13. Have fun! I know I'm super late with the well wishes. Blame Halbastram. I can't wait to hear about how The Boyfriend's first trip state-side went.


  14. Bon voyage!! Hope it's a wonderful trip and you're able to find a way to see some rugby. Can't wait to hear about your trip!!


  15. Hi Sara Louise, I know you are going to have a fabulous time back in the States. Patience is obviously not a French virtue, my Monsieur Grognon =(grumpy) who is half French half English, has no patience whatsoever, so I hope your boyfriend copes with the long flight, give him some red wine for the journey, it helps. Can't wait to hear all your news on your return and fingers crossed all goes well for the Boyfriend/Father meeting. XX


  16. Don't worry it sounds like Fifty will be in good company! Say hello to NY for me, I miss it. Have a great time. I am sure the Boyfriend will love it once all that flying is done with. I want to see pics of where the Euros were spent 🙂


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