A Nice Stinky Day

Easter Monday, Papa’s Wife and I went to the markets in Forcalquier. The Husband wouldn’t be joining us, Papa needed him to help chop down trees in the forest. That sounds very manly, doesn’t it?

And I think the fact that Papa suddenly had to chop down those trees on Easter Monday and needed The Husband to help is a testament to how they both would do pretty much anything, to avoid a trip to the markets.

The warm Spring weather has been hiding from us in our little corner of Provence, but the forecast called for sunny blue skies so we had planned a hike and a picnic after the market, where Papa and The Husband would meet us with Fifty and Leo in tow.
(Notice how they can abandon the forest immediately after we leave the market).
Papa’s Wife and I toured the stalls, oohing and aahing over the cheeses and produce, dodging shadows to stay in the warm sun.
Naturally, I brought my camera…
One of the fruit & veg stand where I scored some jalapenos
The seafood stand where we picked up fresh sardines
I picked up some sausage for The Husband and Fifty to share.
And I didn’t buy any of this cheese. I just liked how it looked.
It quickly became apparent that the mistral was out to play and even in the sun, it wasn’t warm enough for a picnic. With our straw baskets full, we headed home to prepare lunch there instead.
I phoned The Husband with the change of plans and surprise… he and Papa had found their way out of the forest but couldn’t quite find their way home. They were at the Cafe Tabac in the village for a little morning Pastis. I briefly considered laying out a path of breadcrumbs for them to follow, but instead realized, more Rosé for me.
We had some of Papa’s Wife home made sanglier (wild boar) pâté, tapenade and grilled the sardines from the market.
I’ve never had grilled sardines before. It’s just like the cartoons when a cat would eat a fish and after, would hold up a little fish skeleton. Eating sardines is exactly like that. Stinky fingers and all.

It had been such a nice day; the beautiful morning at the market, bonding time with Papa’s Wife, and those delicious, stinky, grilled sardines.

There was only one way to finish it all off; with a digestif and Mesrine on DVD.

Because every family meal should finish with watching a movie about a sociopath killer.

11 responses to “A Nice Stinky Day”

  1. Our little farmer's markets look incredibly sad compared to those pictures.


  2. Oh, you went to the Mercato! I love going! How did you grill the sardines, with olive oil lemon and parsley on top like they do over here?


  3. Jen – Forcalquier happens to be the biggest market in the area. I'm sure your famers market does just fine :-)Tammy – Exactement!


  4. Sara, I love the markets in your neck of the woods,they knock spots off the markets round here. When we go and stay with Belle Mere in Sanary Sur Mer, there is a massive market every Wednesday, I get up especially early and spend all morning there, finally winding up at the cafe for an aperitif and a good gossip with the locals.


  5. Dash- I have to say, wandering around the markets is one of my favorite ways to pass the time here. Such a great way to work up a thirst 🙂


  6. Ugh. I am so jealous. That market looks amazing. And look at that cheese!! I hope to make it to France sometime soon…this is just another reason why!


  7. Oh so jealous! The farmer's market opens this week, tho, so at least there will be fresh produce…. soon!


  8. That market has stuff! They actually had jalapenos? Wow. It sounds like it was a lovely, lovely day- even the part with the sociapathic killer movie. It's the little things in life isn't it?


  9. French markets are one of life's true pleasures…


  10. That sounds like a perfect day. I, too, love good food and movies about psycho killers. I once had a themed night once – Roasted Lamb and 'Silence of the Lambs.' It was awesome.


  11. We were in Forcalquier last October and happened to be there on market day – so lovely!One of my favourite things about living in S.E France is the markets – I've just been to my local ones and have stocked the fridge and fruit bowl for €10. Brilliant. Looks like you had a gorgeous day!


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