A Load of Bull

There was a word that I kept hearing over and over again in French conversations, and I had no idea what it meant.

It sounded like, ‘Connery’.
So they must be talking about the one and only Sean, right?

But how many times could conversations The Husband was having with Papa, The Honeys, or Honey Jr revolve around Sean Connery?
If it was me and a gaggle of girls sure, but did The Husband have some sort of Sean Connery man crush I didn’t know about? Isn’t he a little too old for The Husband? Clooney maybe, but Connery?

Eat your heart out Clooney, I’m Scottish
I finally asked what it meant…
Wait. What? Really?
In French, Connery (connerie) means bullsh*t?
That doesn’t seem right.
Sandler or Farley maybe.
But not Connery.

P.S. The * has been used because I like to keep Le Petit Village a PG kind of place (in English anyway)
P.S.S. Also, I did not feel a translation time was necessary for this post. You already got connerie

11 responses to “A Load of Bull”

  1. Haha! A very useful word! I love this part of language learning, when individual words start to stand out and you have no idea what they might mean and then that illuminating moment when you finally work out what people have been talking about.


  2. Translation…it is important to note these for our benefit. I would hate to be traveling in Italy and my name was Connery! I would imagine a lot of laughter behind my back…you teach us so much!


  3. LOL that's a great word. Easy to remember at least!


  4. Thank you for posting this! I'm always looking for new foreign curses that I can use at work and while driving and don't have to fear a nasty response. Everyone and their sister speaks Spanish here, so all of those goodies are out. I'll be practicing my French 🙂


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  6. Now that is useful information, though I have to agree, it reflects a poor choice of word, or poor Sean got stuck with a completely inappropriate name. Poor Sean! Such a handsome man!


  7. LOL… I was laughing the whole time I read this, and then again when I told my mother.. who had been sitting across the room…We LOVE LOVE LOVE Sean 🙂


  8. If Connery translates as bs in French, what must Tim Dalton mean? Also, the Husband and his family apparently have a lot of contentious conversations.


  9. Sara, this is hysterical and illustrates how many French words sound just like something in English albeit with a completely different meaning. Love it.XX


  10. Awesome! They totally didn't teach me this in High School French!


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