Really French

Dash at French Sampler (you know, the lovely lady who posts about scandalicious historical courtesans with juicy pasts) bestowed upon moi, The Vraiment Francaise Award.

It’s really French
Thank you dear Dash for this and for teaching me about all those naughty courtesans. Love reading about those ladies while I have my afternoon tea.
Now of course, in blog land tradition, it is my duty to bestow this award on some other really French blogger. Moi, being moi, I’m going to handle this a bit differently and veer off course a little and pass it on to Samantha at Samantha Sans Dosage.
Samantha is not an expat blogger living life in France, but her passion is French wine, and that makes her really French to me.
Samantha Sans Dosage is about Samantha’s life working in the wine industry, her love affair with wine (and champagne, and an occasional margarita and martini) telling funny stories about working trips to France, tastings at the wine shop, or a night out (or in) with friends.
Reading Samantha Sans Dosage, you’ll learn about wines and not in that pretentious, academic, snooze fest way. Samantha writes about wine in relation to life, herself, a memory, and how they can make you feel.
Her honesty will make you laugh, might make you cry, occasionally cringe, but most of all, she’ll really make you want a drink. And I like that.
À votre santé

9 responses to “Really French”

  1. Humbled lovely girl….I am genuinely humbled. I am so going to go back and see what this honor is that you chose to bestow up me, (maybe I should have done that first…what if you're just screwing with me…damn now I am paranoid, see what fame can do) but it was your kind words that touched me and sincere appreciation that moved me to respond right away. Thank you. I adore that you read meAm thrilled that you get meHonored that you take the time to commentThank you so muchSam


  2. Aw. Congratulations on your award! And congratulations to Samantha…I'll have to check her out. Everything she writes about sounds perfect…


  3. Congrats on your award.


  4. What luck, I'm passing on a Sunshine Award to you. You truly make my world a bigger and much more fun place to live! How many awards can you stand?


  5. I love that and I agree! YaY on your award and now Samantha's! 🙂


  6. Hi SaraJust popped over from Dash's blog.. and about to take a good look around… Congratulations on your award.. Dash is a gem.. Julie


  7. I would be honored not only to get a blog award like that, but one with antique somethings on them. What are those anyway? They look like they might be little compacts that held a touch of powder or something. Gorgeous.


  8. I've been a SansDosage reader (and Sam Fan) for awhile, and loved your blog, as well, the first time I read it. Both of you are treasured reads!Mercí!Vicki


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