Spreading Some Sunshine

Aren’t I lucky?

Not only did I receive the Sunshine Award from Jersey at Jersey and the Monkey, but Flower Jane at Small But Charming passed it on to me as well.
Now it’s my duty to spread the sunshine…
(I always love this part, I feel like I have been given some cosmic sword and I’m doing that shoulder tap thing. And since it’s cosmic, you can’t accidentally nip someones ear off. Bonus.)
Back to the bestowing…
Debby Lee at Inspired Designs. This blog has loads of gorgeous photos that make me ooh and aah and want to go shopping and redecorate the house. So naturally, The Husband is not a fan (no offense Debby Lee, but he doesn’t like anything that makes my Maisons du Monde shopping list any longer than it already is).
Habebi at The Constant Search For More. I love this. Habebi is a fun Francophile living in Tulsa and competing in Irish dance competitions.
France, Oklahoma, Ireland. what’s not to love, it’s like IHOB over there. Plus, she has two dogs whose trail of destruction would make Fifty proud.
And finally, there’s Lori at Third Times The Charm.
Lori, Lori, Lori…. Lori’s profile location is currently, ‘In a Van, United States.’ No, Lori is not homeless, she is touring the US with her boyfriend and his band. And when they are not relying on the kindness of strangers (re: groupies), they sleep in the van. Lori’s blog makes me feel two very conflicting emotions. 1. I read and laugh, relating her adventures to some of my own misspent youth (and it wasn’t that long ago) but then 2. causes my increasing maternal nature to freak out and shout, ‘no no no!’ at some of the scrapes she’s finding herself in on her travels. Ah youth, I knew you when.
Thanks Jersey and Jane for the Sunshine.
I’m honored that you thought of me
and take the time to read all my inane drivel.
Cosmic sunshine back at ya.

8 responses to “Spreading Some Sunshine”

  1. Wow, thanks, Sara! I would be happy to spread the sunshine. You made my morning. ๐Ÿ™‚ BTW I have that affect on most of my friends husbands, they get nervous when their wife is going shopping with me because they know I will find things for their house and encourage them to get it! ha ha. (The hubbies hide the credit cards when my car pulls in the driveway). xoxo


  2. keep spreading the sunshine girl! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Congratulations! Traveling the US in a van sounds like fun! I'm checking out her blog now.


  4. OMG!! I've never EVER recieved an award, well blog related anyways. Shucks!! Thank you so much Sara Louise!! You like me, you really like me!(ok not so original, but, at least it's a classic right?)I will try to do ya proud over at my blog. In the meantime keep it up girl! Your entries always give me something to smile about!


  5. Hi there! I just came over from Inspired Design! Debby Lee is one of my favorite blogging friends, and now I get to find you! This is a FABULOUS blog, so cool! I mean, what a story! I will definitely be following you on your adventures, merci! Bonjour! Whatever!


  6. I win! Hooray!Thanks, Sara! =D


  7. We live for your inane drivel. There's a book in here somewhere.Before I forget, you are in such BIG trouble, we cannot get the psycho killer song out of our heads or our house. One of us starts singing it at some point every day. Stop the madness!!


  8. Now you know how I feel about Lori's blog. Add on to that the fact that I'm her older cousin. Maternal instinct is ridiculous in me, and yet the writer in me is applauding the story.I'm so conflicted.


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