Huffing and Puffing

You know how I’m always going on about The Husband’s Gallic huffing and puffing, and how it doesn’t take much to set it off.

Like how he huffs at the grocery store or when doing anything he doesn’t like or when he has to wait even the slightest amount of time for something (patience is not his virtue). And when we flew to the states the whole journey was basically one big huff and puff.

Well according to him, it’s not his fault.

The Husband phoned me from work this morning after hearing something on the radio. Someone actually took the time to study huffing and puffing in different cultures.


 “It’s not my fault I’m puffing.” (his English sentence structure, not mine)

“Really, why is that?”

“France are the biggest puffers in the world.” (again, I’m quoting him)

“I’m not surprised.”

“And the second, Italy. You see, it’s not my fault I’m puffing.” (It really is adorable, isn’t it?)

The Husband is half French and has one Italian grandmother so I guess he has an excuse now, he’s genetically predisposed to it. 

I’m imaging my future child, 
a little huffing and puffing monster.

Can’t wait.


13 responses to “Huffing and Puffing”

  1. Well there ya go! I too married a “puffer” and his family is Italian. Makes perfect sense now!


  2. at least he doesn't gesture wildly with his hands while huffing like mine does, right? 😉 I say it all boils down to self control, self control…


  3. Bonjour Sara Louise,How funny, The Husband's English is adorable. I don't usually correct my French honey's “english-isms”, are you the same? I suspect mine huffs and puffs when I'm not around – I think he dosen't want me to see. I'm not a huffer and a puffer, I prefer to keep it in and let it smolder until it's a volcano..uh hmmm! Perhaps it is better to huff and puff!I love coming here for all your hilarious adventures!Bon week-end,Mimi


  4. That is hilarious! Genetically inclined huffing and puffing. Maybe when you all have kids they won't be so bad. It's always a bit of a crapshoot, but, the non-huffing dna could win out! lol


  5. men are from mars, women are from venus. While we look inside ourselves and try to better ourselves; men just try to find excuses. 😉 maybe the huffing and puffing gene is not the dominant kind.


  6. Isn't that so true. The French do go “bof” alot. Glad you can pin down your DH's strange behaviour to the culture.


  7. I think Huffing and Puffing is on the Mother's side. Maybe you can convert?


  8. I have to admit i have been a bit of a huffer and puffer recently, only because of coursework deadlines and exam stress. I cried at school and worked myself up and it was horrible i promise for the sake of my followers, boyfriend, mum, sister and friends that i will keep the huffing and puffing at school


  9. very funny story =)i recently stumbled upon your blog and I love it =)


  10. I'm mostly Irish. Where do we fit on the huff & puff scale? I'm guessing pretty low – I tend to go from bonhomie to insanity in about zero flat. No huffing and puffing in between. Perhaps I should learn.


  11. Now I'm curious which country produces the biggest “sighers”, or if that is more of a gender bias…sigh


  12. I know what you mean about the huffing and puffing – here I find the post office workers are the huffiest puffers. “Can I please post this letter to the UK” Post Office Worker looks at the clock, rolls her eyes and lets out a series of huffs and puffs chats to her colleagues for 5 minutes about how inconsiderate it is for people to come in and ask her to post their letters before finally slamming on a stamp and throwing the letter in the post bag. Sorry I asked!


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