New Home Hunting Take 2

Potential Home 2…

Like the first house we looked at, this one was also twenty minutes down the road and on the way to Papa’s house. Anything close to Papa’s house is a bonus. I like spending time there. Papa’s Wife is one of the few people I can communicate in French with, because she speaks oh so slowly to me. The woman must have a great deal of patience. Bless her.

We pulled up outside. First problem with it was obvious immediately, it was next to a school. That could be annoying. Little chirpy voices and such.

Where Potential Home 1 had a garage that was a black hole into the abyss that I almost killed myself falling into, this one had a garage that replaced the front door. No front door! It’s a garage door! Is that how you want to walk in and out of the house everyday? No. Of course The Husband didn’t have a problem with this.

Walking into the garage, you turned right and into a nice entry with a gorgeous rock wall. Why couldn’t they have just put a front door there? That would have made all the difference. Poppycock!

Up the staircase we went and into a large open living room/ dining room/ kitchen with high ceilings. It was looking very promising except for that whole garage door entry thing.

The bathroom was next to the kitchen and it had just been redone, very modern and clean. And the kitchen was actually a decent size.

But then we hit another snag. The bedroom was a loft above the living room. Where the living room had all the ceiling space, the bedroom’s ceiling was made for hobbit sized people which we are not. Also, no closets and not much room to put clothes.

The Husband’s response to the clothes storage problem, “You can put the clothes downstairs.”

“Um, ok. No.” Looney tunes.

Potential Home 2 was looking less and less promising; the garage entry door, hobbit bedroom, and the staircase up to the loft had no banister. No banister on a skinny staircase; once again, we’re facing a wine related disaster.

They brought us back downstairs through the garage to another room behind it. Who designed this place? So there’s another room, potentially another bedroom or office but it’s behind the garage? That’s poppycock!

(I’m loving the word ‘poppycock’ at the moment).  

The room behind the garage was a nice size and had built in closets. It would make a much better bedroom than the loft, but why oh why do you have to walk through the garage to get there? Poppycock!

And then, we were brought to the back garden, through the only door to get there; in that room behind the garage. The layout of this place is less than convenient.

The view was breathtaking. Like really beautiful. That type of view that you can stare out at in the morning with a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise or a glass of wine in the evening as the sun sets and just stare in awe and count your lucky stars that you are one of the blessed people lucky enough to have that view. And while I was standing there admiring that beautiful view, a mosquito bit me in the face.

Well that’s not a good omen.


14 responses to “New Home Hunting Take 2”

  1. I can report back that this side of the channel we have been equally successful. Minus the mosquito.Next, next, NEXT!!!


  2. You are a riot. I had to read this out loud and my son & I are laughing out loud! You will find the perfect house and you will just KNOW. xo


  3. Oh Sara, you do make me laugh, it reminds me of our house hunting ventures before we found our place, has it ever occurred to you that French style is something invented by Anglo Saxons? After all apart from the very rich and bourgeois French, we do it better! Shhh don't tell anyone! I wish you luck with your search, remember you need a lot of vision!XX


  4. Maybe you could close in the garage and make it part of the home?


  5. Poppycock is an awesome word! What a shame such a beautiful view was located in a place with no feung-shui/practical layout going for it whatsoever. If the garage weren't needed you could remodel it and make it part of the living quarters, but, if you're not up for a remodel job I wouldn't go for it.You have to just 'know' it's the right place. Hope you will find your view with the right, nice-layout-house-that-doesn't-make-you-say-poppycock, soon!


  6. “Um okay No”…laughed my ass off. How could he think THAT was okay? Too funny.


  7. Ugh – carbon-monoxide poisoning, malaria and late night tumbles off the stairs while heading to pee…NEXT!


  8. In a loft, a garage door might be cool. In a home, uh, no, I don't think so! Is it replaceable? Oh, but then the downstairs closet. Eeek! Good luck with it all. By the I just adore your blog, it is really one of the best ones out there.


  9. I've heard of putting bedrooms / apartments above the garage, but a bedroom behind the garage? The staircase without a banister is scary. Next is right. You'll find the perfect house soon.


  10. Did I miss something? was there something about a garage? Must be my hearing.I hope you're enjoying the hunt as much as we are!Carry on, the best is yet to come.


  11. make the Loft 50's bedroom and turn the garage into a “Party Barn.” The Party Barn! all rights reserved. And Poppycock is delicious. And house hunting sucks.


  12. Best part is the translation. Garage=garage. sarcasm much? lol.


  13. Ummm, it does sound like a bit of weird layout. But look on the bright side, you have only seen two houses so far… so maybe a little time to go before the perfect one turns up!


  14. LOL! This really made me giggle…can I start using the word Poppycock?? It's sweet in its own way and my kids won't get in trouble for copying me 😉 I had to look at 70 houses until we found the perfect run down home…good luck on your search, I will pray for a front door for you.


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