A Walk with Papa's Wife

Peeps, you would have been so proud of me!

Last Sunday we went for lunch at Papa’s house, and stuffed to the gills afterwards, Papa’s Wife suggested that we go for a walk.

We as in me and she.

One and a half hours out and about and moi speaking French without anyone to help. I was conversing, and not in little words here and there, but actually forming sentences, not grammatically correct I’m sure, but who cares! French sentences were coming out of my American mouth!


And I took some photos of the beautiful Saint Michel l’Observatoire to share with my peeps (aka you).

Because there is an astronomy center in Saint Michel, walking along you’ll come across different signs with astrological tidbits on them like this one…

This one said something about The Royal Society and London and Newton. Sorry I wasn’t paying more attention, I was too busy speaking in French. 
The sky was too cloudy to get a photograph of The Observatory in the distance so I ganked this one off the internet for you…
I know that it’s a highly regarded center of science and learning and all but it still looks like something in a sci-fi movie where naughty experiments are taking place. 
We’ll leave my paranoia for a moment and continue on.
Follow the sign to the 12th Century Church of Saint Michel…
The super cool looking door to the church… 
Kind of looks like Robin Hood might burst through doesn’t it?  Notice the ancient and creepy steps.
Side door entrance…
Steps not as creepy on this side.
That’s it, a little tour around Saint Michel. 
There were some other photos but they aren’t very good at all and definitely not worthy of you my peeps. 
Once again, too busy speaking French.


P.S. Tomorrow I leave for Dublin for 17 days. Starbucks here I come!

15 responses to “A Walk with Papa's Wife”

  1. You are so lucky! What a beautiful area! I can't wait to visit Europe!


  2. Great photos…creepy steps 'n all. Congrats on the conversing…cause for celebre??


  3. I wish I had a little button on my computer that I could click and it would automatically generate a comment such as… “I really like this post but am tired/busy/hungover to make an intelligent comment about it right at this moment.”That would be a good button to have – someone ought to invent one….All the bestKeithP.S. Agree with you about the Conservatory – straight out of a B movie with a mad professor trying to graft animal parts onto the bodies of lost teenagers whom the mad professor's daughter befriends during a thunderstorm (it has to be during a thunderstorm!) – you ever seen that one?


  4. hope the sun is shining in Dublin just for you!My first go-me moment speaking fluent italian, or at least making myself clear, was when I had to register my son in kindergarten! I didn't want to mess that up! lol


  5. Felicitations! Hope you'll be posting from Dublin. Enjoy your Starbucks several times a day.Don't forget camera. Is the husband going?


  6. Are you sure that's an observatory? Looks more like the international headquarters for GHOST NAZI ZOMBIES!!


  7. Bonnie – walking around the village I do feel blessed and think of how lucky I am. I still can't quite figure out how I got here exactly!Kerry – I haven't celebrated but was very giddy for the next couple of days! And on the Sunday night, I continued to tell The Husband all the different things that his step-mother and I talked about. I'm really chuffed with myself :-)Keith – we definitely need that button because I feel like that SO much of the time! And that B movie is spot on :-)Tammy – I've been checking the Dublin weather religiously, not looking too bad… fingers crossed…Flwrjane – Starbucks is my first stop! I'll have the camera, will try to post once or twice, but nope, The Husband and Fifty will be left behind. Lord only knows the disaster that will be awaiting me when I get back…James- That's exactly what I was thinking!!! Glad we're on the same page 🙂


  8. Good for you!!! Love your blog so much, so entertaining! Have a great time in Dublin, I love Dublin, the people are so kind there and it's so darn pretty! Have fun!


  9. Woooo hoooo!!! A HUGE congatulations to you! Sometimes your brain just clicks huh! Very, very neato. Hope you have more and more of those moments and before you know it you are speaking French with the best of 'em.Okay and the whole Robin Hood about to burst out and the naughty science experiments- you crack me up!! I am going to have visions on Mr. Hood bursting through that door all day today.But which Mr. Hood? Costner's version, Crowes? Decisions, decisions! No way is it going to be Flynn's because that was one girly Robin Hood IMHO (though a classic black and white movie).Have a fabulous trip to Dublin! Can't wait to hear all about it.


  10. Bien fait, mon amie! The walk looked beautiful and I'm sure the chat was exhilarating. Enjoy your 'bucks in Dublin!


  11. Dublin= english all the time! Just when your brain was clicking into francais…Can't wait for the caffeine-overload induced posts from Dublin!


  12. Ah, how I've missed your adventures! Glad to hear your French is getting better and better.


  13. Tres bien – the talking French, of course. Can't imagine what it would be like to be plopped down with only my high school French to rely on for daily communication. Good for your American mind to be tuning into French – and in whole sentences. And good for Papa's wife to help.Enjoy your Venti Caramel Macchiatto!


  14. Have a nice time in Ireland. Good for you for having some facetime with la belle-mère.


  15. How exciting to actually be speaking French now! Your husband must be so proud. =) I am really enjoying your photos in this post.. I've been to Europe a couple times but sadly before I had a good camera in hand. Thanks for whisking me away from… Wisconsin!


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