The Haps In Dublin on Sunday

Warning… Warning… Warning…

This won’t be interesting at all.

I’m awake early and without Fifty and The Husband hovering, I’ve found myself twiddling my thumbs a bit. I’m speaking (writing, whatever) to you my Peeps to keep me entertained.

This is what I’ve got going on today, it’s so very different from my new life and a perfect snapshot of my old life.

Today, Sunday, a date with myself and my elusive lover named Starbucks. I will then stroll through shops with my lover in hand and make my way to Boots, where I will spend a ridiculous amount of time looking at beauty products, and then to Marks and Spencer’s where I will spend a ridiculous amount of time looking at the nicely packaged pre-prepared food. After spending a ridiculous amount of money on stuff I don’t need, I’ll go to a salon and have my hair blow dried. A lovely treat after months of having it done Le Petit Village style, aka, me doing it myself (badly).

My hair beautifully done in that bouncy, bouncy, look at me way, I will then proceed to my Auntie’s house for a family barbecue. Or, alternatively, if it rains, normal Sunday lunch.

I may have to take notes for a study on Sunday lunches; France vs Ireland (who is the champion of Sunday lunches? Only an iron cage match can decide!!! Sorry, I think that probably was funnier in my head).

This evening (if bored and restless) I will try to round up a friend or two to meet me at my favorite French wine bar (which oddly enough is in Dublin and not France) to share a carafe or two and a plate of cheese. I’d bet on the two carafes because I’m not waking up early tomorrow to go to work at that bank that’s going under.

That’s me today.
It’s good to be home.
But I do miss Fifty. 
Oh, and The Husband too.

Sara Louise

P.S. Last night, my mother informed me that while she loves my blog (a maternal obligation) she noticed that at times I use ‘no’ when it should be ‘know’, or ‘to’ when it should be ‘too’, or ‘threw’ when it should be ‘through’ (you get my drift). I apologise to you my Peeps for my sloppy and lazy grammar and I offer to you the same excuse I offered last night; most of my blogging is done between 5 and 6am, it’s a difficult hour to edit yourself when your caffeine drip is only kick starting. I promise to be more diligent in the future.
Happy Mother? Happy?

P.S.S. Sorry my signature is wonky. I’m posting from my mother’s computer and it’s not cooperating.
Need. My. Mac.

11 responses to “The Haps In Dublin on Sunday”

  1. My father just informed me by phone that he did not enjoy my last post, presumably because it had the phrase 'bottom biting' in it. Never mind that it was an entry for Tara's gallery, week 11. Or that the person 'biting' my bottom was my Other Half.Or that the photo was from 1994.I told him he was not obliged to like every post. 'Nuff said.LCM x


  2. What a wonderful look at you. I know your boys are missing you as well.


  3. By now it is mid afternoon in your life, and you should be caffeinated, glamourized and shopped out.I'm chugging down my second morning latte and editing my many spelling errors.Though hard to focus in the morning, I can't wait to get on line and see what everyone is up to. So forget the spelling, just tell all.Enjoy your visit.


  4. It sounds like a heavenly day to me! Enjoy every minute.


  5. I'm with fojoy — sounds like a pretty sweet day to me too. Fifty and the Husband will be there when you get back so enjoy yourself. I'm not sure mothers should be allowed to read blogs. I flipped out when my mom said she had read mine. I immediately had to rethink all the references to her I've made…which I may have reworded had I known my readership. Besides I have never once noticed your typos — and I was an English major. I think blogs, like email, have a lower grammar standard. so there. also you and my daughter are making me dream for a mac. i wondered now you did that cute signature.


  6. Fun that you are posting about your visit to Ireland. I've never been to Ireland before and it sounds like a fun place. 🙂


  7. We had a tasting event here in Sonoma this weekend – people with yellow armbands and (very nice)logo glasses trooping through the town getting their drink on with wines they mostly cant buy in stores (especially M&S!) The weather was mostly lovely as were our guests. They were an eclectic bunch – I was especially amused by the Puertorriqueña living in Costa Rica with the Italian BF, visiting here with her sister from Alexandria, VA. We were drinking California wine inspired by French CdP, eating Portuguese cuisine while listening to music from Iceland. I hope you had nice weather in Dublin. 🙂


  8. My final day in Key Biscayne Florida finds me catching up on blog posts that I have missed while “away”….which lets face it just means sunning and drinking my days away….and I come visit you to find that you too were away. I hope you had a beautiful shopping day and a lovely lunch lady!


  9. Thanks, Mom! What would we do without them? Hope you're enjoying Dublin, I just love that town!


  10. I have just discovered Boots beauty products myself! Omg- I would be in that store with you too blowing way too much money.Sunday lunch thunderdome. French vs Irish. That does sound pretty hilarious.Hope you had a lovely Sunday, because it sounds like you had a great day planned out. Hope things continue to go well. Take care and have fun (though I don't think you will have a problem with either).


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