Happy Things

This time next week I will be on the plane en route to Marseille and back to life in Le Petit Village. I’m missing The Husband and Fifty. Ten days without my furry little angel cuddling up to me and The Husband’s huffing and puffing has left me feeling a bit vacant. To combat that empty feeling happy thoughts are required. Luckily for me, Metropolitan Mom has passed The Happiness Meme my way…

(Rules: list 10 things that make you happy)

These are in no particular order and since loads of things make me happy, these ten just happen to be what’s popped into my pub fermented brain today.

1. A martini in a chilled cocktail glass with extra olives. Being in Dublin these past ten days, and not in Le Petit Village, I’ve gotten to have my fair share of these. Happy days. Although my liver is currently sitting next to me looking a bit bleary eyed and smoking a cigarette. He said to say hi by the way (yes, my liver is a he).

2. Buying something (from the want not need list) loving it, and not feeling a hint of buyers remorse.

3. Reminiscing about the first time I met The Husband. It’s a pretty good story and one day, when I feel I can do the story justice, I’ll post about it.

4. Being with friends that I hardly ever get to see and having it seem like no time has passed. You know when you fall right back into conversation, no pauses, no awkwardness… that’s when you know you’re real friends, when you go months, and years without seeing each other but you’re still as close as ever. Love that.

5. Little Niece and Niece when they are well rested, and not over sugared (although Niece did tell me the other day that it was always about me, and never about her. Quite insightful for an eight year old).

6. Strolling around Dublin (or Paris, Manhattan, or London), Starbucks in my hand, without any time constraints on a sunny day (and plenty of cash in the wallet to buy all those wants).

7. Being able to follow a conversation in French. Which I’m sure after 17 days away will be difficult for me. You should have seen me sitting around the dinner table at Papa’s house after the week in the States, I was a mute imbecile.

8. Date night with The Husband when he gets all spiffy and lets me do his hair. He’s quite the hottie. I’m still trying to figure out how we ended up together, especially since the girls he dated before were all about ten years younger than me, bubbly, blonde, and fake boobed. You know the type. Think opposite of me.

9. Fifty, right after he’s had his bath.

10. Helping people. Here’s something you probably didn’t know about me, I do a bit of charity work. I’m a do-gooder. There I said it. I’m a do-gooder and I love it. I’m a firm believer that everything you put out into the world comes back to you three fold. So considering all my do-gooding, I should be winning the lottery any minute now… any minute…

My turn to ask!
Dreamfarm Girl
What makes you happy?

10 responses to “Happy Things”

  1. Your happy list made me happy – I was nodding along to all but the martini one, substitute that with a mojito and now we're talking. On the topic of understanding French conversations – I had to take my car in for a service today. Did you know that it's very easy to say, in french “when I'm in the car for a long time I get all hot and overheated” when what you are trying to say is “when stuck in traffic the car is nearly overheating”. My cheeks were overheating with embarrassment. Francais fail. Thought you'd appreciate.


  2. Reading your blog posts makes me happy! Your posts always make me laugh out loud and brighten my day. I love when you can pick up w/ friends like you never missed a beat too. Have a great day! xo


  3. All sounds right. Especially shopping with Starbucks in hand. Oh, and a clean puppy, sweet.Looking forward to the story of how you two met.Enjoy your day. Jane


  4. All of those are perfect reasons to be happy! I got one of the memes too- should fill it out huh? lolOh and it doesn't surprise me you're a do-gooder. You've always come off rather cool like that. 🙂


  5. Funny how the noise made by little ones when “over-sugared” drowns out that tick-tock of the bio clock, isn't it? Love the happy list. Needed that. Now I'm daydreaming of wandering a city aimlessly, coffee and cash in hand…


  6. Oh goody! I am happy to be asked, is what! I shall post on this next, especially since yesterday's (mine) was such a downer. But first I have to say that your male liver cracked me up, but then I got to thinking that all livers must be male – you know, it just makes sense. And second, love it that you are a do-gooder and kind of shy/sly about it too. That's a nice combo. I think Husband knew exactly what he was doing going for you instead of fake boobs.


  7. Date night with the Husband – nothing could be finer!


  8. Just goes to show that the simple things in life bring the most happiness. Your post certainly brightened up my day (okay, so it's only just begun, but I will be smiling for a long time about the male live and the sugared nieces!).I hope you have a good day and I look forward to reading your 'rencontre' in the future!


  9. Love your list! And one day I want to hear that story…


  10. Your posts make me happy, and bring a little bit of joy to my day 🙂


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