Au Revoir Dublin

not sober

Today is my last day in Dublin.

Tomorrow morning I’m on a plane to Marseille and headed back to Le Petit Village life (and regularly scheduled blog posts).

The Husband is excited, he doesn’t do ‘alone’ very well. Since I’ve been gone, Baby Cousin, The Gypsy, and The Spaniard, have all slept over.

(can’t you just see the pyjama party shenanigans; High School Musical sing-a-longs, feetsie jammies, and pillow fights galore!)

I fear Fifty has been very confused trying to figure out which one of the three house guests is his new mommy. Poor Fifty.
Note to self: no more solo trips over one week, it will save money on Fifty’s psychotherapy.

Gotta go,

I need to say goodbye to Starbucks.


12 responses to “Au Revoir Dublin”

  1. Bet your looking forward to seeing Husband and Fifty, I am sure they will be relieved to have you back! so glad you had a good time in Dublin, safe journey back.XX


  2. I'll be going on vacation dans le Sud very very soon and I can't wait to get away from that c*** weather they call summer here. Vive la France! 🙂


  3. Go home, take back your dog and husband, and don not forget to wear that hat! We'll show the french who's chic!


  4. I'm sure Fifty will take one sniff of you and think, “Who is this woman who smells of martinis and good coffee? MOMMY! Awesome.” Its nice to go away, but oh so wonderful to come back home.


  5. Irish Pirates versus Nazi Ghost Zombies! You may have found a way to defeat the NGZs! Safe trip and a happy reunion to you .


  6. Awww!!! So sweet that they all missed you so much. Though the therapy bills will be intense which isn't so fun. But, hey, you are definitely loved!Love, love the Irish pirate hat. Way cool.Hope you and Starbucks parted on good terms. I'm sure it'll be waiting for you when you visit Dublin again.


  7. Safe travels Sara Louise. Hurry home to your honey and Fifty!! There are tons of Starbuck's in Paris, have they hit down south yet?Good week,Mimi


  8. Glad you had fun but I must admit I am looking forward to your regularly scheduled blog posts!


  9. Looks like you had a great time in Dublin, and it's not a bad thing to make your boys miss you! Or your readers, I suppose. And we haven't even had the Villagers to keep us company. 🙂


  10. I have an award for you over on my blog. Drop by to pick it up if you get the chance. Have a safe trip back to France. xx


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