Hello Lover

It is impossible to hear, “Hello Lover”, without Carrie Bradshaw’s voice in my head. It must be the same for loads of other women; hence the the award.

Carrie Bradshaw = shoes.

Simple math.

sidebar – I saw Sex and the City 2 in Dublin twice! First with two girlfriends and we partook in the champagne bar that had been setup. We got to bring the little bottles with straws inside the cinema (the champagne totally didn’t go with my movie nachos, such a bummer). Two days later, I saw it with my mother and Auntie (no champagne bar). This was fun. Auntie J had never seen a single episode and I loved watching her literally sitting at the edge of her seat watching Samantha’s antics. Classic. At the end, Auntie J asked me why Samantha needed so many condoms if she was menopausal…. uh, because of a little something called STDs. Huge generation gap revealed.

Back to Hello Lover

Fun loving, marathon running, London City Mom has tagged me with the Hello Lover, so now it is my duty, to share with you seven pairs of my footwear.

Some of these shoes are rarely worn in Le Petit Village so photographing them is a bit of a treat. I love my shoes.

Time to get my shoe on…

First up, my Adidas Hardshells. Aka, my b-boy shoes. Notice the fat laces. Yeah, I’m dope like that.

My first pair of Hardshells were a gift from my Nana when I was 16. One of those times when you beg your Nana to buy you something because if you don’t have them you will just die. Die! Naturally, Nana caved. They are so comfortable (little pillows around your tootsies) that I buy a new pair every few years. Fat laces required.
Next, a pair of high heeled brogues that I was wearing the night I met The Husband.
Clearly, they have magical powers and must be treated with respect.

Sticking with The Husband. These are his favorite pair of my shoes (please note: that does not mean that he wears them, as far as I know anyway).

A pair of Jessica Simpson heels bought in Marshalls back in Texas two years ago. Of all my heels, these get the most play here. The color and wooden heel make them casual enough to throw on with jeans for dinner here without freaking out any of the locals.  Way to go Jessica Simpson. 
Next up, a pair from my old life. My old life being in Dublin working in banking. 

One of my favorite pair of work shoes.  A nice taupe, mushroomy color pair of Bandolinos. Perfect when wearing black, cream, or grey, and great on a bare leg before tanned, in other words, perfect for the blue tinted Dublin tan. These were also bought in Texas two years ago (when I go back to the states, I always end up coming home with an extra suitcase).

Might as well stay in Dublin…

These bad boys were the last pair of shoes bought before moving to Le Petit Village. They were one of my lunch time purchases (I used to work next door to one of the busiest shopping streets in Dublin… dangerous). My friends at worked laughed picturing me teetering around in Le Petit Village in these, scaring the villagers. How right they were.

Another pair bought in Dublin. But these had Le Petit Village in mind…

These were bought to wear when I was on holiday here last year before moving. They were a little more than I would normally spend on sandals, but I loved them. They look kind of Roman. And Le Petit Village used to be a Roman town. So there you go. The Husband hates these. But clearly Fifty loves them. 
And finally…
Black, hidden platform, stilettos. A new classic. These were my wedding shoes. They’re great because in these, I’m the same height as The Husband. And that’s a good a thing.
Another Day of Crazy… 
Hello Lover!
It’s your turn.

14 responses to “Hello Lover”

  1. shoesss!!!!! My favourite word! I feel as if I've just learned a lot about you by looking at your shoes (which are gorgeous btw) 🙂


  2. MMmmm Sara you have some great shoes there, I like the ones which are also your husbands favourites, fab colour.XX


  3. I love the sandals. Love the snakeskin pumps ~ what a fun post! xo


  4. Those are fantastic! J'adore the snakeskin pumps! I love looking into other people's closets, it feels a bit naughty, but so impossible to resist, like creme brulee for breakfast…I can't wait to do this one! Merci for the tag!


  5. oooh I love this blog, not just for the shoes but for your writing style! BTW, I do think you are so dope with your hardshells. I have purple suede pumas with fat rainbow laces. I don't think I can compare to being dope but it's definitely hippy! 😉 Great shoes girl!


  6. Definitely love the high heeled brogues! Those are for sure my favorite! Oh, and that comment from Auntie – hilarious! I just loving hearing about stuff like that! Great post, as always.


  7. Wicked jealous of the snakeskin! Very sweet. I used to live in my hardshells too, but I have moved onto Chucks…Love my Chucks


  8. Hi Sara Louise … just found you through Debby at Inspired Design. So glad I did! What a life you lead – enjoyed reading your “about you”. Hope you have a great day :)Denalee


  9. I am not worthy!!! Oh those are some beautiful shoes!! Thank you for sharing. Oh and love Fifty's paw sticking in there.


  10. So so many beautiful shoes! Thanks for sharing 😀 Makes me want to go shopping and swoon for shoes!


  11. Love the shoes! So pretty! I may have to do a shoe post…


  12. I, too, can hear Carrie saying “hello lover” as I read your post. I am very fond of shoes myself. good night Sara Louise.


  13. sighhhhhh….oh to wear heels again. I think I wore them about 20 years ago but I do love yours. And I love my shoes…I have so many pairs of flats but I mostly go bare foot….lol..go figure! So nice to meet you and miles of smiles ~ Lynn


  14. i wish my shoe collection was this impressive. mine are all flats because when i attempt a heel, i immediately start hunching over and dragging my arms like Sasquatch. my favs are the J. Simpsons and the Dublin bankers.


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