Kitchen Closed, Bar Open

How hard is it to get a meal on a Friday night?

Friday nights, I don’t really like to cook. Not sure why, just don’t. The Husband usually takes pity on me and we go out.

But last Friday, France was playing Uruguay in the World Cup, and even though The Husband is a rugby guy and not a football guy, being a guy, and a French guy, we were watching it (you know who I won’t be cheering for).

The plan was to get out for dinner somewhere as close as possible for something quick. This ruled out our normal Friday night meal in Saint Michel (wonderful food and owners, but when we go, it’s a four course kind of thing).

The Husband ran into our local bistro and asked the new Parisian owner if they were open for dinner.


Because why would you be open for dinner on Friday night during tourist season when you’re the only restaurant in Le Petit Village?

We decided to go to the pizzeria in Banon. Not too far away and pizza is fast and delicious. Sorted.

When we got there, the door was locked and the lights were off. There was a little sign that said they were closed for the next couple of days. No particular days and dates, just the next couple of days.

These guys clearly don’t like making money either. My guess is there might be a little World Cup Fever going around.

Sandwiches at home it is then.

The new plan…

Throw some BLTs down and then head back out towards Forcalquier to watch the match in a friend’s bar. Sorted.

And then Honey Jr popped in (of course he did). He had news and was very excited about it (so excited I thought he might piddle).

The new Parisian owner didn’t want to feed us, but he was willing to let us watch the match and pour beer and pastis.

We walked the 70 feet to the local Bistro to watch the match on a little TV popped up on a table… Brother-in-Law, his girlfriend (the 18 year old), her father, Honey Jr, the Mayor, The Husband, and me.

And besides France not scoring any goals, something else wonderful happened…

The Parisian started pouring us free vodka shots that were yummy yum yums (think that had some black current or something in them, not sure, don’t remember, they were that good).

Free vodka.
Think I might like this guy.
If I can only get him to feed me.

9 responses to “Kitchen Closed, Bar Open”

  1. That sounds like a normal Friday night in Canberra…no night life whatsoever! No, not really…used to be though. I like the sound of that what to do about the Australians!! Perhaps vodka might do the trick.


  2. Fancy everything being closed on a Friday! Some French businesses just surprise me – next they'll be striking because they'll be going under :)Free vodka shots from someone who won't feed you sounds dangerous ! Blackcurrant vodka sounds yum, was it Absolut by any chance?


  3. PigletinFrance – Definitely wasn't Absolut because I'd know that bottle anywhere 😉


  4. hehehe – this post made me laugh and snort a little. I have been caught out so many times when traveling around the SoF with random shut downs and a startling lack of business acumen on the part of cafe/brasserie owners to actually provide goods in response to demand. Something tells me they failed Economics 101. But free vodka is always good. And would probably make watching the football a lot easier!


  5. One of the only heartbreaking things about my 1st trip to Beaune was walking up to a restaurant that I had been hearing about for years, aching to try for years only to see that they were closed…for a week, the exact length of time I was to be there. Crushing.Sounds like you had better stock up for Friday dinners in until World Cup Fever is over….


  6. Who needs food when you have vodka?!


  7. The thing about FRIDAY night is that it's date night. It just is. Don't care how old you are, how married you are, how anything you are… it's date night and the night you don't have to cook. That is a known fact.


  8. I LOVE that places shut down just because of football. And I love even MORE that they leave such vague notices in the window. A couple of days indeed :)I suggest plenty of pizzas in the freezer for the next few weeks. And perhaps a couple of bottles of that vodka.


  9. Wow! I'm not at all surprised, but, this is the first, first hand account of such a phenomenon occuring! I've heard 'everything shuts down', but, not this detailed! At least the bar owner made it somewhat worth not eating by pouring you all some yummy stuff.If you find out what was in that vodka shot please let me know. I'm rather curious…oh and ps- I said over on my blog, but, please give your husband a hug for me. I was really touched by his sympathy for Leo! Leo's doing very well btw, just has bolts sticking out of his arm. He finds it all rather inconvient, but, is being a champ about it. Bisous to you all!


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