A Beautiful Break

I’m tired of all this The Sporting Event That Cannot Be Named nonsense and am taking a break today to share some blogger love…

Sweet, Breakfast at Tiffany’s loving, Rochelle at Penmanship of a Teenage Writer passed on the Beautiful Blogger Award to me. Merci beaucoup Rochelle!

It’s such a treat to be told that my blog is beautiful, especially since last night, while on the phone with my mother (who I love more than all the Louis Vuitton luggage in the world), she said that my blog makes me sound like a dipso what with all the wine, pastis, and vodka talk. Well, I guess it’s a beautiful blog, dipso style.

(In case anyone is confused by the word dipso; it’s used in Ireland to describe someone who is a nice drunk, as opposed to angry leprechaun drunk).

And now for the bestowing of the Beautiful Blogger Award…

C’est si Bon is Stephanie’s beautiful blog described as; My Private Boudoir Where I Like To Dream. Sounds a little racy doesn’t it? It’s more PG, but Stephanie has been on wonderful inner happiness/ self discovery kind of journey lately and she’s kind enough to put her honesty out there and it’s quite inspiring. For one, Stephanie is in the middle of the 100 items declutter challenge where she’s cleaning out kitchen cupboards, and wardrobes. You can’t read a post without looking around your own house wondering what can go (the other day, Fifty almost went out to the recycling bin).  And there is a great post about taking action that got me all in a tizzy (in a good way). You really need to read it, but only if you’re in a pro-active kind of mood.

Passez un bon week-end!

And speaking of being a dipso, last night I was in the bar (again) to watch Mexico beat France in The Sporting Event That Cannot Be Named, and while I was enjoying my Rosé, I turned and noticed that not only was there a baby in the bar, that baby was being fed, and not from the bottle (and not discreetly). Got milk?

8 responses to “A Beautiful Break”

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  2. I'm so bored of The Sporting Event That Cannot Be Named!Tonight, I may drink wine, dipso-style, and completely ignore the sporty goings-on 🙂


  3. Thanks so much Sara Louise! I'm honored. And I'm glad fifty didn't go into the recycling bin 🙂


  4. Ah yes, but you're our little dipso and we all adore you. While I understand that breastfeeding is a natural process ,like many natural processes it should be done with a little discretion.


  5. Cheryl – engaging in dipso like behaviors definitely helps with the boredom. Last night a woman in the bar (with her husband) had her book with her, and I thought, next time I can enjoy my wine with my book and still keep my husband company. Perfect!Stephanie – de rien :-)James – aw.. sweet! And yes, I agree that it is a natural process, it's beautiful and I applaud it, but some discretion is required. And to any Le Leche people who may read this and go into attack mode; the woman didn't even go to a table in the corner or turn around or anything. It was like… hello boobie! Except in French… bonjour la boobie!


  6. She probably figured it was fairly safe to do, seeing as all the men's eyes were glued to the TV!


  7. dipso….gonna have to use that one. 🙂 love your blog girl! keep up your beautiful blog, dipso style!


  8. Two compliments: One from Rochelle and one from mom. God, I hope you mean breast milk and not beer.


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