Guess Who's Back…

Back again. Sara Louise is back. Tell your friends.

(I just ganked Eminem’s lyrics a bit there)

Yes my peeps I’ve returned to the wonderful world of Internet. In a very un-French like way, my wifi has been hooked up much earlier than expected. A wonderful surprise (French Yeah!) after a week of hell that besides being made up of packing, cleaning, more cleaning, and unpacking, it also included…

An ironing injury…

I truly am special

Getting yelled at by a rude man. All I can say is he’s lucky he can’t understand English. But, I’m sure he understood some of my colorful French phrases (I’m really getting good at these, I used hand gestures and everything).

A random moving injury…

this is my shin by the way

And the cherry on the Sundae… Brother-in-Law’s 18 year old girlfriend is pregnant. That doesn’t hurt my 33 year old self at all. Not in the least. I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine.

Because The Husband is less than handy around the house (although he does try, God love him) the fridge is full of beer for more handy friends who have been coming over to help here and there. We’ve got;  Italian beer (Birra Moretti), Mexican (Corona), Belgian (Stella Artois and Abbaye du Ry Ternel) and French (1664). This keeps our friendly workers happy. And me happy. Because when it’s hot, it’s Corona time (I’ve been hoarding the Corona but I’d kill for a Dos Equis).

And in true Provencal style, it took Papa four trips (evenings drinking beer) to fix the washing machine. He would come over, have a beer, and stare at it for awhile telling us what he needed to do and how easy it would be.

Because it was 4th of July, and Papa was coming over to finally fix the washing machine and put up some shelves, he would be eating with us. I decided to make 4th of July fajitas and invited Papa’s Wife as well. I warned them that this would be a very casual, non traditional Sunday lunch, especially since Papa was supposed to be doing stuff, not sipping Rosé and Limoncello. Casual my foot. I had everything setup buffet style and then Brother-in-Law and his girlfriend showed up unannounced and lunch went from four to six and I realized that the French don’t understand buffet casual and ended up having to set the table, and lunch became a two hour affair. The fajitas didn’t go down so well. My french family clearly doesn’t understand Texan cuisine. They just sat there looking confused and referring to them as crepes. Maybe I won’t cook them Chicken Fried Steak after all. Or maybe I will, and really scare the crap out of them.

Bonus of 4th of July lunch, I got to use my awesome new Texas glasses…

(Thanks to The Puma, Keeks, and Texas Girl… my Texas crew that was here a couple of weeks ago… I’ll fill you in on their craziness soon).

It’s been one week in the new house but I still have a whole bunch of work to do. Here’s some of the stuff waiting to be unpacked (only some)…

I collect suitcases

Last night I ordered those vacuum storage bags to store our winter clothes. Let’s hope climate change doesn’t French that plan up (you can really apply that phrase anywhere).

But while I’m covered in that moving cleaning grime it’s nice to take a break and check out one of the best things about of the new house, the view…

from my kitchen window as the sun rised this morning

Now back to work.


21 responses to “Guess Who's Back…”

  1. Haha what a wonderful story to start my day with.Good to see you back, and all the best with the unpacking thingy….HugsErna


  2. Back so soon?I expected your two weeks away without internet to last at least a month!Does this mean that we all have to stop talking about you behind your back now?All the bestKeith


  3. Yay – welcome back. And never mind the buffet and the French.The Italians don't understand it either.LCM x


  4. But, but, isn't buffet a french word? Crepes is hilarious.


  5. You,my child,are a hoot! This was a great way to start my morning. Although I could use an update on Fifty, is his virtue still intact?


  6. Erna – and it's lovely to be back, thank you :-)Keith – Talk away! Because I know you only have good and cheeky things to say :-)LCM – They totally didn't get it! They just kept looking at me waiting for me to set the table. So I gave in. HM – You'd think! Yes, the crepe thing was pretty funny. And they thought the guacamole and pico were side dishesJames – I love being called a hoot! Thanks. And unfortunately dear James, Fifty's virtue is not still in tact. And it broke my heart. It truly did. I may post about it as a form of cartharsis.


  7. A) I missed you. I almost sent a text telling you that without your blog I was really missing my sis, but I was afraid it would just make you feel worse. B) Are you sure that is your calf? It doesn't look like your leg is bending the right way, which makes me concerned that it is a serious injury! C) Is Fifty going to make me a great-aunt? D) Love you and want to Skype soon. Early Friday morning (my time)?


  8. Anon – I'm guessing you're my big sis, no? So if you are…A) miss you tooB) yes, it's on the front of my leg, more my shin than my calf. It was like 6am when I took the picture so prob should have said shinC) God I hope not!! Him becoming a 'dog' really was traumatic for meD) Love you


  9. Its great to have you back!Your next dinner party should definitely consist of chicken fried steak, grits and red beans & rice.


  10. Um, how did you manage to burn your shoulder while ironing? That sounds like something I would do, which is why I'm not allowed to iron. Your beer selection sounds great, I'm on my way now to offer my handy services (don't worry, I'm perfectly capable of working and eating at the same time). Love the glasses, and I think an 18 year old pregnant chickie is enough to depress anyone.


  11. Oh, good to have you back! Sorry about the moving crap, the weirdly placed ironing injury (um, how the hell…???) and all the other crap. But don't let the 18 girlfriend get you down. She's probably pissed as hell. Can you imagine being 18 and prego? Your time will come. Hopefully before Fifty's!And randomly, where the heck did you find torillas there? Too funny.


  12. Welcome back!!! Ahhhhh, that picture of the sunrise is simply sublime. I think I will blow that picture up, print it out, and stick it in the kitchen window. I'm glad to hear things are getting done, depsite the slower pace they are getting done. And boo for injuries!! Yipes! That's all I can really say about that, 'cause dang those look painful.LOVE those glasses, what fun! I can't quite make out what they say though.Last but not least, I know how you feel about the world getting preggers around you. It suuuuucccckkkkssss. Here in OK when people find out you have been dating for longer than a couple of years. They expect me to be married and procreating to some degree since I've been with Jon for five years now. That's because everyone around here are popping out kiddos and believe me they hit the ground running. I think that's why the divorce rate is so high. Not that I'm bitter or anything…:-POkay I'll stop babbling so you can get to unpacking. Can't wait to see more pictures and read more about this process. Again good to have you back!! Bisous!ps- I would've paid good money to see you curse at that guy. I bet it was good!


  13. So how DID you manage to burn your shoulder ironing? You do realize that you aren't supposed to use your body as an ironing board, right?LOLThe crepes thing is just cracking me up. My former boss at my former job used to talk about crepes, but the true French pronunciation threw me off the first time I heard it. I swear, it sounded like she was having people over to her house for “Craps”. Which made me wonder if the French were really that into gambling. She didn't seem like the gambling kind to me.


  14. Welcome back to the internet. Moving and all that goes with it of aches, pains, blood, scraps but you have survived! I was laughing when you wrote about the Fajitas…the French wondering about them…well too much!


  15. You're back!!!! 🙂 YAY for the French being ahead of schedule for once! 😀 Welcome back to the wondeful world of blogging! I do have to ask though, the ironing burn on the shoulder is an interesting maneuver to pull, how did you manage that one? hahaThe view from your kitchen window is wonderful!!<3 A Wonderland of Thought


  16. Hooray! You're back early. This is wonderful news! I would like to make a request of you, and that is; Please, please, pleeease make your French family Chicken Fried Steak and mashed potatoes and gravy, and document their terror to the nth degree.Thank you in advance.


  17. YAYAYAYAYAYA yourrrr backk!!!! p.s if you like corona you should taste desperados, there mexican too but a little bit sweeter xox


  18. Welcome back and welcome home to your new house. You'd better get used to excessive drinking by French men right now, and have your fridge stocked with beer, and Rosé.As for the French and Mexican food, they just don't get it!


  19. oOoOoOh- i LOVE your beer selection. if i had known sooner, i would have helped move you myself.i am also going to start calling my fajitas “crepes”. merci for that one, papa.


  20. Welcome back! It's a miracle that you managed to get hooked up with internet so soon!! Did you bribe them with beer?Okay, so I too want to know how you injured yourself whilst ironing? I hope it wasn't too painful.I hope you're settling in nicely and oh, what a wonderful view! That type of view would definitely help me get out of bed in the morning.


  21. hahaha fajitas as crepes…that's a new one. I can understand them being a bit culture shocked by Tex-Mex, but I hope they at least appreciated the amazing taste!


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