Shopping In Aix

Next Friday, The Cousin is marrying his lady who will thenceforth be known as Mrs. Cousin.

In honor of the blessed event (and me getting to rock some serious shoes) a new purse is needed, as well as a new shirt for The Husband (much less important obviously).

And it turned out that The Husband’s friend (and hetero life partner), Gatz, needed a suit, and a whole lot of help (homeboy needs A LOT of help), so we invited him to join us on our shopping trip.

Gatz was delighted. Being single, he actually values my style counsel.

The Husband told Gatz that we would be shopping in Aix-en-Provence;

“But I don’t want to go to Aix, I want to shop in Marseille”.

And then The Husband phoned to let me know that Gatz wanted to go shopping in Marseille instead;

“So? And since when are you married to Gatz?”

That being settled, we went shopping in Aix.

Love Aix. 

(I’d love it more if there was a Starbucks there)

Turns out that bringing one of The Husband’s friends shopping is a great idea. They went off and left me in peace. No huffing and puffing. It was a huffing and puffing free shopping environment as I strolled around Zara. 
Being in such a peaceful enviroment, I was able to find the clutch and some shorts and a tunic in record time. Less than thirty minutes into our shopping excursion I was finished. 
I’m a shopping rock star.
I pointed out how effective my shopping skills are minus Gallic huffing and puffing to The Husband. This was met with an international eye roll. 
Next, we found The Husband’s shirt. A fitted light blue that makes his eyes pop. I swooned. Swooned, I did (he really is a handsome devil). 
And then, It took Gatz almost two hours to buy his suit. In one shop. Two hours, in one shop! He shops like an old woman. 
There was major huffing and puffing. This made me happy, especially when The Husband told me that shopping with me was easier. 
“See, aren’t you glad you didn’t marry Gatz?”

Gatz’s beautiful Hugo Boss suit purchased (picked out by yours truly) and shopping finished, there was only one thing to do…
Nothing like having a Guinness in an Irish pub in France while watching Australian rules football. 
(I settled on a glass of Rosé after the waitress told me they couldn’t make a Bloody Mary because they didn’t have vodka. Cue international eye roll)
We met The Cousin and soon to be Mrs. Cousin for lunch…
The Cousin was carrying a man bag. 
(Loads of men in the south of France do this. The Husband does not.  Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make me very happy. Like The Husband not carrying a purse).

And The Husband, The Cousin, and Gatz all ordered the same thing for lunch…

{raw meat and raw egg… gross}

And in this wonderful day of shopping, drinking in Irish pubs, and eating raw meat, I’m sure you are all thinking the same thing…

What about Fifty?

Fifty spent the day with Honey Jr.

Honey Jr took Fifty to the bar.

You just know he was using Fifty to try and pick up the ladies.


22 responses to “Shopping In Aix”

  1. I think that if someone tried to squeeze me into a Hugo Boss suit, I'd need some raw meat as well!All the bestKeith


  2. Once again a great story, and Starbucks wow love their ice-coffee…Hugs and bisousEr


  3. A very amusing tale.You really have a talent for this.I hope you are saving your posts somewhere. I think you should expand one or two into a short story and see how that goes.


  4. all i want is a zara in Jersey 😦 or a h&m or maybe a primark! xxxx sounds like you had a lovely day xxxx


  5. Looking at pictures of their lunch made me glad I hadn't eaten breakfast yet. I might have hurled instead of just gagging. However, once again you made me crack up. Loudly enough that The Boy Who Once Lost His Glasses had to ask me what was so funny. I said, “my sister.”XO


  6. Shopping with 2 huffing and puffing men?! You are brave, Sarah!! Love your sense of humor. O.k raw meat? raw eggs? yuck. What about getting sick? Is this even possible to eat raw meat and not die! I've never heard of this. xo


  7. That, by far, is the most brilliant shopping plan ever! And the grossest lunch. Ever. Ewww.


  8. I adore shopping with others in France, sadly I cannot shop for clothes there, HUGE is not a size just hanging on the racks but it always fun to watch one of my tiny friends drenched in French clothing. Dude that tartar looks unreal, seems impossible the find here in LA anymore.


  9. Isn't it wonderful to swoon over the men we love?So lucky.


  10. Girl if I ever make it to la sud and see ya you need to take me shopping!! You are a rockstar! Btw Mrs. Cousin to be is gorgeous!! How can she have such nice tan skin like that? I could only achieve that look via modern technology. So not fair. ;-)Oh and your hubby better be glad he married you! Gatz sounds far too high maintence.


  11. I'm glad that your position “trumped” that of “hetero life partner” — How cool that you were in a position to do the international eye-rolling at the huffing and puffing of guy-shopping! Yay!


  12. I love Aix as well…a good place to drop a lot of euros! Yes, a Starbucks would be the crowning glory…see myself strolling around with a Venti Iced Latte (perfect for the summer). We also went to O'Sullivans on our last trip (about a month ago), just strolled in because it looked welcoming..glad to know we have good taste 🙂 a bientot!


  13. Man bags are not something that I like! I dated a guy once who had a man bag. It should have been a warning sign… Luckily the relationship was short lived. I'm glad the husband doesn't have one! That is a small thing to be thankful for. And that lunch!!! Ugh.


  14. I love your storytelling. Very entertaining. We love to shop in Aix en Provence too. Just don't get the affection for Starbucks.


  15. What a day! Love shopping but not sure about the raw meat…


  16. Beef tartare, blah! I was at a bridal show, and a lady was walking around with what I thought was bruschetta. One enormous bite later, and it was all I could do to not push people out of the way that were blocking access to the garbage can. But beef tartare with RAW egg, oh my. You were truly brave to just sit there and watch them eat that. Kudos to you for that!


  17. That's the most tartar steak I've ever seen. Not that adventurous! You'll be the second most lovely lady at the wedding – wink, wink.


  18. Homeboy de Milo up there has some BIG feet.Sounds like a wonderful day, even if you didn't get your Bloody Mary. And please, pleeease post a picture of your shoes for the wedding. Boyfriend makes fun of me. He found a folder on my computer called 'Lori stuff DON'T OPEN' …and was disappointed to see that it was all pictures of shoes. My shoe porn. I have to be girly somehow, right?


  19. LOVE aix…have shopped at zara in aix…. and there's also one here back home in the L.A. area……and I DO get the affection for starbucks…..


  20. Those statues – Igor Mitoraj! Ikaria (the first one) is my absolute favorite sculpture – ever. I first saw it in person in the Giardino di Boboli last fall and couldn't stop walking around it. Glad you had a great shopping day to boot!


  21. I just love to read your posts! You always crack me up 🙂 Unfortunately, I didn't get the martini. The stupid dive bar didn't have Grey Goose. FAIL. Especially since I could've used one! They did, however, manage to make a Vodka Sunrise that didn't suck, so I was pacified 🙂


  22. Ahh, j'adore le tartare. Et J'ADORE Aix-en-Provence. It's what made me fall in love with le sud in the first place. Aix, mon amour, qu'est-ce que tu me manques !!PS: Man purse. Brrr. shudders


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