Get The Heck Out Of Dodge

{no parking}

Sunday was the annual flea market in Le Petit Village. Stalls lined the streets and at 7am, on my walk with Fifty, I saw the beginning arrival of the brocante lovers. 
(A 7am Sunday arrival into Le Petit Village is hardcore, it’s not like Le Petit Village is ‘in the neighborhood’. We’re kind of hidden on top of a mountain, tucked out of the way of everything else, and not the least bit convenient. These people really must love their brocante.)
{lots and lots of cars}
{lots and lots of people}
By 10am, the village was packed. We knew that the only way to preserve our sanity was to get out of there. And wouldn’t you know it, there was a perfect place for Brother-in-Law, Honey Jr, The Husband and me to go…

The Pastis party in OnglesWhat’s that you say? Pastis party?! It’s crazy talk, I know.

The Husband’s hetero-life-partner, Gatz, practically lives at the bar that was hosting the party, so he was pretty insistent that we go. Not like we needed much arm twisting.

We arrived a little after noon. Gatz had been there for two hours marking his territory…

{reserved for Gatz}
The boy does love his Pastis. Look, I think he’s actually trying to hug it…
{I heart Pastis}
Being more of the sensible, mature types, Brother-in-Law, Honey Jr, The Husband, and me abandoned the crazy Pastis induced shenanigans inside the bar and headed to a table outside to sample the other Provencal delicacy on offer; aioli.

This is a traditional, local dish of cod, green beans, cauliflower, carrots, and boiled eggs, topped off with aioli. I love aioli but if you eat it, don’t plan on any kissing or close contact with other human beings for a few days.

And while we were enjoying our food (and warding off vampires with our breath) the crazy Pastis party people decided to form a conga line for our viewing pleasure…

{feeling hot hot hot}
When they were finished with the conga, they began to throw water on each other. Because that’s what you do after you’ve been drinking Pastis all morning. 

Brother-in-Law and Honey Jr were not amused…

But you know what is amusing?

{Honey Jr and I like to dress alike}

cotton candy.


P.S. While the rest of the world invades the south, we’re heading north to La Bourboule and French Mommy’s house for a few days. Fifty needs some spoiling. See you next week.

13 responses to “Get The Heck Out Of Dodge”

  1. Now that's how you escape a crowd, drink pastis and form a conga line!! Your village sounds like one majorly hoppin' place! Have a great time up north and give Fifty a hug from his Oklahoma [hot-cause seriously we're boiling over here] dawgs Leo and Louie! Bisous!


  2. Another fun weekend – Only in France! I like the whole water thing, LOL! Have fun at French Mommy's!


  3. here's where we differ… I would have been all over that flea market.Of course then i would have missed the conga line.Have fun!


  4. And here I thought Conga lines were torture reserved for old people at weddings!Enjoy French Mommy's!


  5. Pastis Party? Sara! Where was my invite?!


  6. What's poor Honey, Jr. to do while you are gone? Have a wonderful trip and tell us all about it when your return (with photos, please)! Merci!


  7. I want to go to a Pastis party! But since I'm the only person I know who likes Pastis or knows what it is, I guess I'll have to have a one by myself. Sad. Have a great time away at French Mommy's!Adrienne


  8. That does it. I've yet to try Pastis. But I will be in Cap D'Agde Nov-Dec – and try Pastis I shall! So enjoy these posts!


  9. Ha-ha-ha loving the cotton candy mustache :-{)


  10. Sara–what a delight to stumble onto your blog! Although your little village is much smaller than my little town (Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland), I can definitely relate! Love it!


  11. What are you doing up at 7am on a Sunday morning? And then going to a Pastis party? I am surprised (not that I know you personally or anything, but I just didn’t think that you’d be up that early, or into Pastis!)Hope you have a good break!


  12. This one made me want to move to France.


  13. I have recently fallen under the spell of Pastis…and gotten the special Ricard glasses at les puces in Geneva…to serve 6…and looking to get 6 more…just in case…it's just so good when it's so hot out!!!


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