I'm Going Places…

Somebody thinks I’m going places…

Little miss witty, Allison (she’ll make you chuckle), at Adventures of Kiddo and Ramona passed on the You’re Going Places Award to me.

And she’s right, I am going places…

The family arrives today and we’re off to Marseille, Aix-En-Provence, Avignon, Arles, and Cassis in the next week (see, told you I’m going places). But the best place we’ll be going is to Le Petit Village’s festival this weekend. It’s going to be a doozy.
(But, last night I was having a drink with the Epicerie Lady and she told me that the man who sets up the bouncy castle and bumper cars – lets call him Carny Guy – was supposed to show up yesterday and he didn’t! Scandal alert! All the village is talking about it.)

Back to me going places…

In a few hours I’m headed to Marseille and I have to get Fifty prepared for his sleepover at Papa’s (he has the cutest little jammies). But first I’m going to pass on You’re Going Places to two ladies who I think might be going places too…

(Did you see how I just used to, two, and too in the same sentence? I’m crazy this morning!)

One Blonde Girl


Harriett Starr at Down and Out In Primrose Hill.

If you want a chuckle, have a look.
(I’m all about the chuckle today)
And thank you Allison.    

P.S. Kidding of course about Fifty’s jammies. But wouldn’t he look adorable in jammies?

11 responses to “I'm Going Places…”

  1. Sara,have a great time with your family. Drink and eat also for me in your amazing Provence! I have to go to Marseille, I have never see this town!Bisous, Babi


  2. Bon weekend, Sara! Fifty would look adorable in PJs — I hope that you have some dramamine for his carsickness issues. As we say here, “Bless his little heart.”


  3. Hi Sarah, sounds like you are going to have a fab time, I adore all those places, ooh I will be over in that neck of the woods at the beginning of September, can't wait.I hope carny Guy shows up soon, I am sure he has just got waylaid, after all, it is the holiday season!XX


  4. Thanks[ex.pt.] I'm humbled and honored. I hope you have a great time at the festival, despite (because of?) the scandal. Gasp


  5. Have a great week with your family 🙂 And if you do ever decide to get Fifty some jammies…pictures are a must!


  6. To, two, and too. LOL 😉


  7. Wine + fam (+ more wine) = fun! Enjoy the week!


  8. I make my dog wear one piece footie pj's with the accessible bum panel. So hey, no judgments here.


  9. Wow, that's a lot of traveling, have a great time & make sure to enjoy the rest of the summer..oh yeah, we'll still have plenty of sunshine in Sept. too, Provence rocks 🙂 Have fun on your travels 🙂


  10. wow. big trip! enjoy the last of summer!!


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